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  1. what is the scientific revelation
    when scientists began to question natural world and use logic and reason instead of relying on church's teachings.
  2. nicolaus Copernicus
    heliocentric theory
  3. Galileo
    • Astronomer
    • telescope
  4. newton
  5. Descartes
    emphasized power of human
  6. scientific rev lead to
  7. salons
    where people discussed ideas of politics secretly of corse
  8. censorship
    government restricts freedom of speech
  9. divine right of kings
    monarchs claimed the right to rule from god
  10. philosophes
    • those who use reason to discuss politics and society
    • enemies of monarchs
  11. locke
  12. Rousseau
    general will
  13. Montesquieu
    checks and balances
  14. voltaire
    freedom of speech
  15. Hobbes
    humans are naturally selfish and evil
  16. despots
    • leader
    • controlling
    • absolute power
  17. Fredrick the great or Prussia
    • enlightenment despots
    • religious tolerance
    • strengthened absolute monarchy
    • land & supplies for peasants
  18. Catherine the great of Prussia
    • asked advice from everyone
    • Voltaire
    • religious tolerance
  19. joseph II
    Maria Teresa
    • improved tax system
    • improved education for everyone
  20. bourgeoisie
    • led French revelation
    • taught 3rd estate to read write and revolt
  21. French revolution
  22. causes of French revolution
    • ideas from American revolution
    • ideas from john Locke
    • majority of people in 3rd estate

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