LA1- Bovine Repro (Anatomy-Estrus Detection)

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  1. what are the 3 functions of repro in bovines?
    • stock
    • genetic improvement
    • freshening of dairy cattle
  2. what is the most popular method of insemination?
  3. what are the benefits of natural breeding?
    *what is the major disadvantage to natural breeding?
    • reliable
    • work load is decreased
    • ***males are difficult to handle! (dairy especially)
  4. cows are __ year round
  5. how often do they cycle?
    q 21 d.
  6. how long is their standing heat?
    24-48 hours
  7. why is heat detection so important?
    because their heat is a short window for insemination
  8. how long is their gestation?
  9. how early do heifers start breeding?
    15 mo
  10. when should heifers have their first calf?
    2 years
  11. Day 18/21 day cycle:
    CL has developed after the previous ovulation 
    begins to __ and __ regress and __ concentrations decline
  12. __ causes the signs of estrus and leads to the release of __ __ from the APG which starts ovulation
    • estrogen
    • luteinizing hormone
  13. at the site of ovulation the new __ __ starts to grow and produces __
    • corpus luteum
    • progesterone
  14. if the cow is not pregnant, __ will e released by the uterus and the __ will regress
    • prostaglandins
    • CL
  15. GnRH causes the pituitary gland to secrete what?
    • LH
    • FSH
  16. GnRH causes what?
    ovulation of dominate follicle of all treated animals
  17. GnRH can be used in the tx of what dz?
    cystic ovarian dz
  18. Name 2 examples of commercial GnRH:CF
    • Cystorellin
    • Factrel
  19. PGF2a is what?
  20. What does prostaglandin cause?
    regression/lysing of CL
  21. PGF2a _ progesterone and allows new _ to grow.
    • decreases progesterone
    • new follicles
  22. Prostaglandin is used in the tx of what?
    uterine infx
  23. Why is PGF2a used with caution?
    • will cause abortion if animal is pregnant
    • wear gloves absorbs into skin
  24. Name 3 commercial prostaglandins:LLE
    • Lutalyse
    • Lutaluze
    • Estrumate
  25. What is a FDA approved progesterone implant?
  26. Signs of estrus:SMNVVIV
    • standing to be mounted
    • mounting other animals
    • nervousness
    • vocalization
    • vulvar swelling
    • increased urination
    • vulvar discharge
  27. Dection of estrus:OCMH
    • observation
    • charts/calandar
    • mount detector aids
    • heat detector aids
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