Proteins/Amino Acids

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  1. Uses
    growth, repair,support, movement, transport, immunity, and coordination
  2. Examples
    collagen, keratin, hemoglobin, antibodies, enzymes, hormones
  3. Structure
  4. Amino Acids
    • monomers
    • 20 total
    • amine + carboxyl+ hydrogen + R(rest)
    • ONLY thing that changes from one amino acid to the next is R
  5. Linking Amino Acids
    • condensation- links amino acids together
    • peptide bond
    • aa+aa= dipeptide
    • aa x 36= polypeptide
    • order determines shape, shape determines protein(function)
  6. 20 Amino Acids
    • 8- essential to diet (body can't make)
    • 12- non essential to diet (body can make)
  7. Transamanation
    body can rearrange to make certain amino acids
  8. Structure
    • random genetic mutations
    • environmental conditions (pollutants)
  9. Fibrous/Globular Proteins
    • Fibrous- insoluble, long coiled (keratin,collagen,elastin)
    • Globular- soluble, rounded structure, compact (hormones, antibodies,enzymes)
  10. Enzymes
    • proteins that act as biological catalysts; control rate of reaction
    • weaken bonds/ lower the amount of activation energy 
  11. Globular
    • active site: where they connect
    • enzyme + substrate( whatever you are trying to build up/break down)
    • arrangement determines what it can connect with 
    • "-ase"
  12. Lock and Key Model
    every enzyme has a matching substrate
  13. Induced Fit Model
    if enzyme and substrate are close enough, it will work
  14. Catabolic Reaction
    1 sub → 2 products
  15. Anabolic Reaction
    2 sub → 1 product
  16. Denaturating Proteins
    cannot work due to change in temperature; pH can unfold a protein
  17. Remember
    enzymes are very specific
  18. Primary Structures
  19. Secondary Structures
    helix (coil) or pleated sheet (fold)
  20. Tertiary Structures
    • Polypeptide= pleated + helix working together
    • > 2/3 of either pleated or helix
  21. Quaternary Structures

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