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  1. What can abnormal results for fibrinogen test indicate?
    • High- inflammation
    • Low- clotting disorders
  2. How is the ACT test done?
    • Collect 2mL of blood into the vacutanier tube containing diatomaceous earth
    • Start timer, mix gently
    • Place in 37 degrees incubator or water bath
    • Observe at 60 secs
    • 5 second intervals (performed 10 secs in lab)
  3. Normal values for ACT test
    60-90 seconds
  4. What is the purpose of diatomaceous earth in the ACT test?
    Causes activation of coagulation pathways
  5. Why is ACT a better method than other tests?
    It is more sensitive, more narrow window of results
  6. What are other methods to determine coagulation time?
    • Buccal mucosa bleeding time
    • Capillary tube method
    • Lee- White method
  7. What is the indication for an ACT test?
    platelet abnormalities such as a low platelet estimate on the differential
  8. Indication for fibrinogen test
    General inflammatory response, verify inflammation
  9. How is a fibrinogen test done?
    • Collect a pair of blood samples in EDTA
    • Make 2 crit tubes
    • determine TSP on tube 1
    • place tube 2 in a water bath 56-58 for 3 mins
    • recentrifuge
    • determine TSP of tube 2
    • Subtract TSP of tube 2 from Tube 1.
  10. Fibrinogen is measured in mg/dL, how do you convert from g/dL?
    Multiply g/DL by 1000.
  11. How do you calculate absolute retic count?
    %retics X total RBC count
  12. Corrected retic count, importance?
    observed retics % X observed PCV/normal PCV. Should be interpreted according to the degree of anemia.
  13. RPI
    corrected retic %/maturation time for observed PCV
  14. How is a reticulocyte count done?
    • A few drops of EDTA blood in small test tube
    • Add an equal volume of NMB. Let sit for 20 mins. 
    • Make a thin blood film
    •  count 1000 RBC's and record the # of retics seen
  15. How is a platelet count done?
    • Use unopette to dilute 20 ul of blood. 
    • Let stand 10 mins before charging hemocytometer
    • Charge hemocytometer, let sit in moist petri dish for 10 mins. 
    • Observe under 40X, low light. Look in center primary square and count platelets.
  16. Must do platelet count within _______ of collection.
    1 hour
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