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  1. cilia found in bronchus does what
    trap pathogens and move them out
  2. what is the epiglottis
    • the gatekeeper
    • open to breath
    • closed to eat or drink
  3. what is the lining of the lung
    • pleura
    • inner visceral
    • parietal visceral
  4. the pleural space has what that allows the linings to move over each other
  5. what are the 3 steps of breathing?
    • Ventilation
    • Diffusion
    • Perfusion
  6. ______ + ______ = ventilation
    • 1 inhalation
    • 1 exhalation
  7. what is ventilation
    moves air in and out of the lungs through negative pressure changes
  8. Ventilation
    What happens during inspiration?
    Diaphragm and external intercostal muscle contract to increase the thorax size for inspiration
  9. Ventilation
    What happens during expiration?
    the diaphragm and external intercostal muscles relax
  10. what are some factors affecting ventilation?
    • clear airways
    • Intact CNS & Respiratory Center (Medulla & Pons)
    • Intact Thoracic Cavity (capable of expansion & contraction)
    • Pulmonary Compliance & recoil (intrapleural pressure)
  11. what can affect the CNS & Respiratory Center?
    • Head Injury
    • Drugs
  12. What can keep the thoracic cavity from working properly?
    • Muscular Dystrophy
    • Spinal Cord Injury
  13. what can affect the Pulmonary Compliance & Recoil
    • Intrapleural Pressure (creates suction to hold visceral & parietal cavity together)
    • Intrpleural Fluid (adheres pleura together)
    • Intrapulmonary pressure (pressure in the lungs)
  14. tidal Volume
    amount of air in and out with each breath
  15. Accessory Muscles
    • anterior neck muscle and abdomen muscles
    • used during strenuous breathing
  16. Lung Compliance
    lung stretching
  17. atelectasis
    portion of the lung collapses

    the alveoli is what really collapses
  18. without ______ alveoli is stuck closed
  19. surfactant
    Lipoprotein surrounds alveoli
  20. what is the direction of blood through the heart
    • RA
    • RV
    • Pulmonary Artery
    • Lungs (alveoli to be oxygenated)
    • Pulmonary Veins
    • LV
    • LA
  21. What Is Diffusion?
    • Alveolar Gas Exchange
    • Diffusion of O2 from alveoli to pulmonary blood vessels
  22. Diffuse is movement of gas from an area of _______ pressure to an area of _______ pressure.
    • Higher
    • Lower
  23. what is Partial Pressure
    • the pressure exerted by each individual gas in a mixture according to it concentration in the mixture
    • PO2, PaO2, PCO2
  24. When O2 in alveoli is high, what happens
    O2 diffuses to pulmonary arteries to be sent throughout the tissues
  25. When PCO2 is high in pulmonary arteries is high, what happens??
    CO2 diffuses in alveoli to be expired
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