Skiold Disc mills

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  1. What are the different size of dice mills?
    1. SK 2500 with 5.5 kw or a 7.5 kw. motor

    2. SK 5000 with a 15 kw or a 22 kw

    3. SK10T with a 55 kw motor
  2. Explain grinding process?
  3. How can you change the grinding degree?
    1. on fount of disc mill there is a handal to manually change.

    2. you can automatically us the actuator that receives the settings from the control plant.
  4. Witch disc mill ha the highest RPM's?
    They all have the same RPM

    • Note: RMP 2800
    • To incress the processing speed they have put larger dics and motors on the larger disc mills. you can allso add a small ager at intake to push feed in .
  5. How do you know if the grinding units are worn?
  6. tt
  7. Disc Diameter of SK 5000?
    450 mm
  8. Dose moisture of content to be grinded make a diferens.
    The disc mill may be used for grinding of ordinary cleaned small-grained seed crops in storage dry conditionand with a maximum diameter of 8 mm. Wheat, barley etc. can furthermore be ground from gas proof silowith up to 25% moisture content. However, please note that the capacity is reduced by approx. 5% for eachpercentage of moisture content higher than 15% - for example 18% moisture content reduces the capacity by(18-15) x 5 = 15%.The disc mill is also suitable for granulation of clean pelleted feed products, and sawdust, with a pelletdiameter of up to Ø 12 mm.
  9. Where is the outlet on disc mill.
    • Bottem
  10. What is placed just befor the disc mill?
    • Magnet
  11. What is  potentiometer
  12. nb
  13. The brass ring on door goes on top or bottom.
    Brass goes on the bottom.
  14. what is a cogwheel
    • the gears
    • one with a shaft and one with out.
  15. the stainless steel rings is attached to the?
    Fixed plat.
  16. when placing the cogwheel on that has the scale on it make shear ?
    • the aluminium block for the zero point is in the middle of the screw.
    • pin must be to the side
  17. order of spacers for the rod that holds the potention meater
  18. When setting the electrical zero point you must?
    Adjust the potent-ion meter to .74

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