External Foramina of Skull

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  1. Supra-orbital foramen
    Supra-orbital nerve and vessels
  2. Infra-orbital foramen
    Infra-orbital nerve and vessels
  3. Mental Foramen
    Mental nerve and vessels
  4. Zygomaticofacial Foramen
    Zygomaticofacial Nerve
  5. Parietal foramen
    Emissary Veins
  6. Incisive foramina
    Nasopalatine nerve, sphenopalatine vessels
  7. Greater palatine foramen
    Greater palatine nerve and vessels
  8. Lesser Palatine Foramina
    Lesser Palatine nerve and vessels
  9. Pterygoid Canal
    Mandibular nerve [V3], lesser petrosal nerve
  10. Foramen spinosum
    Middle meningeal artery
  11. Foramen Lacerum
    Filled with cartilage
  12. Carotid Canal
    Internal carotid artery and nerve plexus
  13. Foramen Magnum
    • Continuation of brain and spinal cord
    • Verterbal arteries and nerve plexuses
    • Anterior spinal artery
    • Posterior spinal arteries
    • Roots of accessory nerve [XI]
    • Meninges
  14. Condylar canal
    Emissary Veins
  15. Hypoglossal canal
    Hypoglossal nerge [XII] and vessels
  16. Jugular foramen
    • Internal Jugular Vein
    • Inferior petrosal sinus
    • Glossopharyngeal nerve [IX]
    • Vagus Nerve [X]
    • Accessory Nerve [XI]
  17. Stylomastoid Foramen
    Facial nerve [VII]

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External Foramina of Skull
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Foramen of the skull
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