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  1. 6 intrisice shoulder muscles




    -teres major

    -teres minor
  2. pectoralis major) how many heads does it have?
  3. pectoralis major) where is the insertion?
    intertubucular sulcus of humerus
  4. pectoralis major) what is it innervated by?
    • lateral and medial pectoral nerves
    • *arise from brachial plexus
  5. pectoralis major) action? (3)
    -powerful adductor

    -and medial rotator of the humeus

    -prime mover of arm flexion
  6. pectoralis major) what does it form?
    the anterior wall of the axillary fold
  7. pectoralis major) what is the origin? (3)


    -ribs 1 thru 6 cartilage
  8. pectoralis major) where does a majoroty of it start from?
  9. latissimus dorsi) description
    covers lower half of back and inserts into humerus
  10. latissimus dorsi) where does it insert?
    intertubercle groove of the humerus
  11. latissimus dorsi) what innvervates it?
    thoracol dorsal nerve
  12. latissimus dorsi) what is the action? (4)
    -powerful extensor of humurus


    -medial rotator of arm

    -helps to depress the shoulder
  13. latissimus dorsi) what does it form?
    the posterior axillary fold
  14. latissimus dorsi) what is the origin? (5)
    -thoracical lumbar or lumbodorsal fossa

    -wide band aponeurosis orginates from spinous process of T7 thru T12

    -lumbar vertebrea

    -illiac crest

    -sometimes inferior angle of scapule
  15. triangle of ausculation) what is on the lateral border of it?
  16. triangle of ausculation) what is on the medial broder of it?
  17. triangle of ausculation) what is on the lower border?
    latissimus dorsi
  18. triangle of ausculation) what is the triangle of ausculation used for?
    to listen to the lungs
  19. deltoid)what is the origin ? (3)
    -lateral 1/3 of clavicle

    -acromion process

    -lateral aspect of the spine of the scapula
  20. deltoid) where is the insertion?
    deltoid touberosity
  21. deltoid) what is it innervated by?
    • axillary nerve
    • *branch of brachial plexus
  22. deltoid) what is the action?
    • abducts the arm
    • *specially above 15 degrees
  23. deltoid) How many parts form the deltoid?
    3 parts
  24. deltoid) what do the anterior part do?
    • involved in flexion and medial rotation
    • *help out pectoralis
  25. deltoid) what do the posterior part do?
    • involved in extension and lateral rotation
    • *help out lats
  26. deltoid) what do we do to the deltoids?
    intermuscular injuections
  27. if a muscle crosses the shoulder joint what part of the body does it move?
  28. the insertion of these 3 muscles was onto what bone? (lats, pecs, deltoids)
  29. the rotator cuff muscles will create an action based on...
    the side of the joint they crossed
  30. subscapularis) where is the insertion?
    lesser tubercle of the humerus
  31. subscapularis) where iss the origin?
    coastal surface of scapula
  32. subscapularis) what is it inervated by?
    subscapular nerve
  33. what do the rotator cuff muscles do?
    hold the head of the humerus in the glenoid cvavity
  34. subscapularis) what does it form along with the lats?
    posterior fold
  35. subscapularis)what are the actions? (2)
    -primary medial rotator of arm

    -helps in adduction
  36. subscapularis) Location?
    fills in subscapular fossa
  37. supraspinatus) where is it located?
    supraspinous fossa
  38. supraspinatus) origin?
    supraspinoius fossa of scapula
  39. supraspinatus) inserts?
    onto greater tubercle of the humerus
  40. supraspinatus) innervated by?
    suprascapular nerve
  41. supraspinatus) what two msucles need to be reflected to see this muscle?
    trapezius and deltoid
  42. supraspinatus)action? (2)
    • -initiaion of arm abduction for the first 15 degrees
    • *after the deltoid become effective

    -prevents downward dislocation of the humerus
  43. infraspinatus) location?
    infraspinous fossa
  44. infraspinatus) what 2 msucles must be reflected to see this?
    trapezius and deltoid
  45. infraspinatus) innervated by?
    suprascapular nerve
  46. infraspinatus) where does it insert?
    • greater tubercle of humerus
    • *just posterior to supraspinatus
  47. infraspinatus) origin?
    infrspinous fossa of the scapula
  48. infraspinatus) action? (2)
    -powerful lateral rotator

    -helps stabilize the glenoid cavity
  49. teres minor) inserttion?
    • greater tubercle of the humerus
    • *inferior to the insertion of infraspinatus
  50. teres minor) origin?
    lateral boder of posterior surface of the scapula
  51. teres minor) innervated?
    • axillary nerve
    • *branch of brachial plexus
  52. teres minor) actions?
    • works with infraspinatus to laterally rotate arm
    • *same actions as infraspinatus
  53. teres minor) what sturcture does it work with?
  54. rotator cuff muscles) whats another name for rotator cuff muscles?
    • scapulohumeral musckles
    • *they extend from the scapula to humerus
  55. rotator cuff muscles) which is the only rotator cuff msucle to not rotate the humerus?
  56. rotator cuff muscles) what do the tendons of these 4 msucles do?
    they blend with the articular capsule of the shoulder to reinforce it and protect the joint
  57. rotator cuff muscles) which 3 msucles insert on the greater tubercle? (going from anterior to psoterior)


    -teres minor
  58. rotator cuff muscles) which is the most anteriorly placed on the greater tubercle?
  59. rotator cuff muscles) which is the most psoteriorly placed on the greater tubercle?
    teres minor
  60. rotator cuff muscles) which sits on the lesser tubercle?
  61. rotator cuff muscles) (quick description of actions) supraspinatus
    initiated abduction of humerus
  62. rotator cuff muscles) (quick description of actions) infraspinatus
    lateral rotator
  63. rotator cuff muscles) (quick description of actions) teres minor
    lateral rotator
  64. rotator cuff muscles) (quick description of actions) subscapularis
    medial rotator
  65. rotator cuff muscles) (quick description of actions) which is the most commonly injured ?
  66. rotator cuff muscles) (quick description of actions) what can happen to shoulder joint if the cuff muscels are injured?
    it can become unstable
  67. what does teres mean>?
    cylindrical shape
  68. teres major) what does it help form?
    posterior axillary fold
  69. teres major) with what msucle does it work with?
    latissimus dorsi
  70. teres major) origin?
    off the posterior surface of teh scapula along the inferior angle of scapula
  71. teres major) insertion?
    intertubercular sulcus of the humerus
  72. teres major) iinervated?
    subscapular nerve
  73. teres major) actions? (3)

    • -extends and medially rotates teh arm
    • *just like lats
  74. teres major) with what sturcture does its tendons usually fuse with?
    latissiumus dorsi
  75. teres major) what does it do when deltoid pulls?
    holds the head of the humerus in place
  76. are teres minor and major the same?
    no, differnt nerve supply and different actions
  77. which 3 msucles insert on intertubercular groove of humerus?
    -pectoralis major

    -latissiums dorsi

    -teres major
  78. which muscle is positioned the most laterally on the intertubercular groove of the humerus?
    pectoralis major
  79. whcih msucle is positioned the most medially on the intertubercular groove of the humerus?
    teres major
  80. whcih msucle is positioned in the middle on the  intertubercular groove of the humerus?
  81. coracobrachialis) where does it extend from?
    coracoid process to the brachium
  82. coracobrachialis) origins?
    coracoid process of the scapula
  83. coracobrachialis) inserts?
    medial surface of humerus just opposite to deltoid tuberosity
  84. coracobrachialis) actions? (2)
    -helps to flex

    -and adduct the arm
  85. coracobrachialis) with what msucle does it often fuse with?
    the short head of biceps brachii

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