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  1. impetuous
    tending to do things very quickly, without thinking carefully first, or showing this quality [= impulsive]
  2. fester
    if an unpleasant feeling or problem festers, it gets worse because it has not been dealt with
  3. swamp
    to suddenly give someone a lot of work, problems etc to deal with
  4. peek
    to look quickly at something, or to look at something from behind something else, especially something that you are not supposed to see [↪ peep]
  5. reprimand
    to tell someone officially that something they have done is very wrong
  6. sling
    to throw or put something somewhere with a careless movement and some force [= chuck]
  7. swift
    happening or done quickly and immediately
  8. far-flung
    • 1. very distant
    • 2. spread out over a very large area
  9. have a quiet word
    To speak to someone in private.

    • have a word in someone's ear
    • have a word in your shell-like
  10. pitch
    • informal to try to persuade someone to do business with you, buy something etc
    • pitch for business/contracts/custom etc
    • Booksellers are keen to pitch for school business.
    • pitch to
    • For many companies, pitching to investors has become almost a full-time job.
    • sales reps pitching new gadgets
  11. keep (someone) in the loop
    • (idiomatic) To furnish someone with sufficient relevant information and include them in the decision-making process.
    • antonym:
    • keep someone in the dark
  12. straight from the horse's mouth
    (idiomatic) Directly from the source; firsthand.
  13. at cross purposes
    If two or more people are at cross purposes, they do not understand each other because they are talking about different subjects without realizing this
  14. Wrong end of the stick
    If someone has got the wrong end of the stick, they have misunderstood what someone has said to them.
  15. under your breath
    in a quiet voice so that no one can hear you
  16. assertive
    behaving in a confident way, so that people notice you
  17. bearish
    the stock market is said to be bearish when prices are expected to fall, and people sel la lot of shares as a result
  18. waffle
    to talk a lot without making any clear or important points
  19. a flop
    a failure
  20. scarcity
    if there is a scarcity ofsomething, there is not enough of it
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