ITB Vocab #1

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  1. Manager who created Theory X and Y.
    Douglas McGregor
  2. The process of accomplishing the goals of an organization through effective use of people and other resources.
  3. Era when machine power changed production processes, leading to business and social change.
    Industrial Revolution
  4. Manager who spends most time on one management function or specific part of the company.
    Middle Managers
  5. The careful, objective study of management decisions and procedures in order to improve the operation of businesses and organizations.
    Management Science
  6. The picture of levels of management in an organization.
    Management Pyramid
  7. American Engineer who created 14 points to quality management.
    W.Edward Deming
  8. Function of management that evaluates results to determine if the company's objectives have been accomplished as planned.
  9. Management style that studies the way work is organized to focus on increased worker productivity.
    Classical Management
  10. First-level manager whose main job is to direct the work of employees.
  11. Management style that identifies the most effective practices for organizing and managing a business.
    Administrative Management
  12. Management theory that people are intrinsically motivated and will work hard if they're involved.
    Theory Y
  13. Management style that is attempts to understand employee motivation to increase productivity.
    Behavioral Management
  14. Management theory that people are basically lazy and require supervision.
    Theory X
  15. Effect that occurs when employees behave differently when they are receiving attention from management.
    Hawthorne Effect
  16. Top-level manager who spends time planning and making decisions that affect the entire company.
  17. US Researcher who experimented on factory workers to study productivity.
    Elton Mayo
  18. Function of management that determines how plans can be accomplished most effectively and arranging resources to complete work.
  19. French Businessman who first described the functions of management.
    Henri Fayol
  20. Function of management that carries out the plans and helps employees to work effectively.
  21. Function of management that analyzes info and makes decisions about what needs to be done.
  22. Management style that involves a total commitment from all workers to improve quality of procedures and products.
    Quality Management
  23. American Engineer who believed there was ONE best way to do EVERY job.
    Frederick W Taylor
  24. Employee who completes all four management functions AND has authority over jobs and people.
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