Intro to Business

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  1. Labor Union
    An organization of workers acting together to negotiate their wages and working conditions with employees
  2. Union-Management (Labor) Relations
    The dealings between labor unions and business management both in the bargaining process and beyond it
  3. Craft Union
    An organization of skilled workers in a single craft or trade
  4. Strike
    A temporary work stoppage by employees, calculated to add force to their demands
  5. Industrial Union
    An organization of both skilled and unskilled workers in a single industry
  6. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
    The federal agency that enforces the provisions of the Wagner Act
  7. Injunction
    a court order requiring a person or group either to perform some act or to refrain from performing some act
  8. Bargaining Unit
    The specific group of employees represented by a union
  9. Jurisdiction
    The right of a particular union to organize particular groups of worker
  10. Collective Bargaining
    The process of negotiating a labor contract with management
  11. Ratification
    Approval of a labor contract by vote of the union membership
  12. Seniority
    the length of time an employee has worked for an organization
  13. Overtime
    Time worked in excess of 40 hours in one week
  14. Job Security
    Protection against the loss of employment
  15. Union Security
    Protection of the union's position as the employees' bargaining agent
  16. Closed shop
    A workplace in which workers must join the union before they are hired; Outlawed by the Taft-Hartley Act
  17. Union Shop
    A workplace in which new employees must join the union after a specified probationary period
  18. Agency Shop
    A workplace in which employees can choose not to join the union but must pay dues to the union anyway
  19. Maintenance Shop
    A workplace in which an employee who joins the union must remain a union member as long as he or she is employed by the firm
  20. Grievance Procedure
    A formally established course of action for resolving employee complaints against management
  21. Shop Steward
    An employee elected by union members to serve as their representative
  22. Arbitration
    The step in a grievance procedure in which a neutral third party hears the two sides of a dispute and renders a binding decision
  23. Picketing
    A marching back and forth in front of a place of employment with signs informing the public that a strike is in progress
  24. Wildcat Strike
    a strike not approved by the strikers' union
  25. Slowdown
    A technique whereby workers report to their jobs but work at a slower pace than normal
  26. Boycott
    A refusal to do business with a particular firm
  27. Lockout
    A firm's refusal to allow employees to enter the workplace
  28. StrikeBreaker
    A non-union employee who performs the job of striking union member
  29. Mediation
    The use of neutral third party to assist management and the union during their negotiations
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