us history unit 2

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  1. 3/5ths compromise
    compromise that decided how slaves would be during the constitutional convention
  2. alexander hamilton
    1st secretary of treasury, aid to Washington during the revolutionary war, pro strong national government (federalist)
  3. amendmants
    additions to the us constitution, first 10 are the bill of rights
  4. anti-federalists
    did not want the constitution without the constitution, fearful of a strong national government, demanded that the bill of rights be added to protect future of americans
  5. battle at bunker hill
    actually fought at breeds hill, near boston, colonists had the advantage- officers that were there did not follow through MANY brithish soldiers killed
  6. battle of Trenton
    Washington is able to surprise the british troops December 1776- morale boost and many soldiers re-enlisted
  7. benedict Arnold
    was a patriot, then turned loyalists/ tory- wife was a british and was able to talk him into a traitor
  8. ben franklin
    great inventors of time, helped advise Jefferson on wording the declaration of independence, diplomat representing the colonies in france during the revolution
  9. bicameral legislature
    2 house legislature
  10. boston massacre
    fight between british guards and colonists over jobs
  11. boston tea party
    sons of liberty protest on british taxes on the colonists- tea chests were dumped in the boston harbor
  12. british disadvantages in the revolution
    distance from England, foreign land, lack of will, hired mercenaries
  13. checks and balances
    system in which one area of the government/ branch can not gain more power than others
  14. colonists advantages in the revolutionary war
    home land, believed in the reasons they were fighting
  15. common sense
    book written by Thomas paine that explained in everyday terms why the revolution should be fought
  16. constitution
    convention in 1787, ratified in 1789, 1st president 1789, formal government document that states how the gov't will work, supreme law of the land and all laws must be in line with the constitutional guidelines
  17. continental army
    had a very difficult time getting food, clothes and ammunition
  18. declaration of independence
    drawn up by T Jefferson , B franklin and J adams. Jefferson took some of the main ideas from Enlightenment philosopher John Locke; 4 parts; preamble, declaration of natural rights, list of grievances, resolution of independence
  19. delegated powers
    powers that are state in the constitution
  20. Edmund Randolph
    presented the large state/ Virginia plan to the constitutional convention
  21. electoral college
    'safety net' from which the presidents are elected after the popular vote is registered
  22. elastic cause
    give congress the power to make all laws necessary and proper
  23. English mercantilists
    system of trade to support the motherland. Mother country wants a favorable balance of trade buy and sell products only to the mother country
  24. federalists
    pro-constitution without the bill of rights- didn't feel that they were needed- people would know their rights
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