propaganda, advertising

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  1. consists of labeling people or ideas with words of bad connotation
    name calling
  2. use words with good connotation to describe something, opposite of name calling
    glittering generalities
  3. these both work by stirring our emotions in the hope that this will cloud our thinking
    • name calling
    • glittering generalities
  4. the device by which a speaker tries to win our confidence and support by appearing to be a person like ourselves
    plain folks appeal
  5. telling the people what they want to hear
    argumentum ad populum (stroking)
  6. distract our attention from the issue under consideration with personal attacks on the people involved
    argumentum ad hominem
  7. tries to transfer the positive feelings of something we love and respect to the group or idea he wants us to accept
    transfer (guilt or glory by association)
  8. urges us to support an action or an opinion because it is popular, because everyone else is doing it
  9. sets up a cause and effect relationship that may not be true
    faulty cause and effect
  10. an untrue comparison between two ideas, events, or things
    false analogy
  11. when, in discussing a questionable or debatable point, a person assumes as already established the very point that he is trying to prove
    begging the question
  12. there may be more than just 2 possibilities or extremes to consider
    the 2 extremes fallacy
  13. selects only the facts that support the propagandist's point of view and ignores all others
    card stacking
  14. consists in having some loved or respected person give a statement of support for a given product or idea
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