ClinMedV:Toxicology(Bromethalin Rodenticide and Cholecalciferol Rodenticide)

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  1. Bromethalin is an uncoupler of what in the CNS? OP
    oxidative phosphorylation
  2. c.s. of bromethilin are dose dependent including:CPD
    • cerebral edema
    • paralysis
    • death
  3. Symptoms of bromethalin are neurological at a high dose w/in 24 hrs=ETS
    • excitement
    • tremors
    • seizures
  4. low dose bromethalin 1-5d=TDA
    • tremors
    • depression
    • ataxia
  5. tx  of bromethalin remembering that the efficacy of this is not as good once signs appear:DMGDP
    • decontaminate GI tract if early
    • mannitol and glucocorticoids is cerebral edema
    • diazepam and phenobarbitol if seizures
  6. How long can it take to improve from bromethalin?
    2-3 weeks
  7. What is cholecalciferol and where can it be found?
    • vitamin D3
    • found in supplements and older rodenticides
  8. What does cholecalciferol cause?
    calcium reabsorption from the bones and intestines to the blood
  9. What does cholecalciferol taking calcium from bones lead to?
    hypercalcemia and calcification of tissues
  10. What does cholecalciferol ultimately damage/cause?KSCN
    • the kidneys
    • soft tissue
    • calcification
    • nephrosis
  11. With cholecalciferol how does death occur?HC
    hypercalcemic cardiotoxicity
  12. With cholecalciferol when do c.s. arise?
  13. c.s./symptoms of cholecalciferol:AVMCHVSPC
    • anorexia
    • vomiting
    • muscle weakness
    • constipation
    • hypertension
    • v fib
    • seizures
    • PU/PD
    • calcium deposits if long term exposure
  14. dx cholecaliferol: hccc
    • hx
    • cs
    • chem panel
    • ca>12mg/dl
  15. tx cholecaliferol:vace
    • v+
    • activated charcoal
    • cathartic
    • electrolyte balace
  16. Electrolyte balance is brought on by which IV fluids to decrease calcium reabsorption?fcp
    • furosemide
    • calcitonin
    • prednisone
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