Immigration, Urbanization & Politics

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  1. Where were First Wave Immigrants mostly coming from and what were the push factors?
    • Irish- Potato Famine
    • German- religious persecution
  2. Where were the Second Wave immigrants mostly coming from and what were the push factors?
    • Lower Europe, Catholics and Jews
    • cause of religious persecution
  3. Which act of Congress prohibited East Asia immigration?
    Asian Exclusion Act of 1892
  4. What international contract led to limitations on Japanese immigration?
    Gentlemens Agreement 1907
  5. Which act of Congress effectively ended the Second Wave of immigration?
    Quota Act of 1921 & 1924
  6. Where were most immigrants processed upon arrival on both the east and west coast?
    Angel Island and Ellis Island
  7. What was the platform of the immigration Restriction League?
    To restrict southern and eastern Europeans
  8. List the 8 states that had the largest immigration populations in 1990
    • New York
    • Pennsylvania¬†
    • California
    • Illinois
    • Massachusetts
    • Ohio
    • Wisconsin
    • Texas
  9. What was the largest ethnic group of immigrants in 1990?
  10. List 5 American cities that saw dramatic population growth in the late 19th Century.
    • Detroit
    • Philadelphia
    • Milwaukee
    • New York
    • Chicago
  11. What were the push factors for the beginning of the Great Migration From Southern States?
    • Mechanization (loss of jobs)
    • Segregation
    • Pull factor of northern industries
  12. What Jacob Riis book exposed the problems faced by the poor in growing cities?
    How the Other Half Lives
  13. What movement was designed to assimilate new arrivals at the turn of the century?
  14. List 5 of the problems faced by the immigrants and the poor living in tenement housing?
    • sanitation
    • water
    • transportation
    • fire
    • crime
  15. What movement provided services to the poor living in tenement housing?
    Social Gospel Movement
  16. Who founded the Hull House of Chicago as the model for these settlement communities?
    Jane Adams
  17. What was the name of New York City's Democratic political machine?
  18. Who was the de facto of Tammany Hall?
    Frank Costello
  19. What major reform was put into effect under Garfield?
    Pendleton Civil Service Reform
  20. What was the major political debate in the 1884 and 88 elections?
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