Anatomy Exam 2

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  1. heart
    the transport pump of the cardiovascular system
  2. pulmonary circuit
    the blood vessels that carry blood to and from the lungs
  3. systemic circuit
    the blood vessels that carry blood to and from all body tissues
  4. mediastinum
    the medial cavity of the thorax
  5. base
    posterior surface of the heart, directed toward the right shoulder
  6. apex
    bottom pointed portion of the heart aimed towards the left hip
  7. apical impulse
    the beating of the heart's apex where it touches the chest wall
  8. pericardium
    double-walled sac enclosing the heart
  9. fibrous pericardium
    the loosely fitting part of the pericardium
  10. serous pericardium
    a thin, slippery, two-layered serous membrane that forms a closed sac around the heart
  11. parietal layer
    lines the internal surface of the fibrous pericardium
  12. visceral layer
    also known as the epicardium; external heart surface which is an integral part of the heart wall
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