Humerus and Shoulder Girdle

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  1. 1
    • 1 lesser tubercle
    • A. Sternoclavicular joint
    • B. Sternal extremity
    • C. Body
    • D. Acromial extremity
    • E. Acromioclavicular joint
  2. Image Uploadwhat is A
    A. Sternoclavicular joint
  3. What is BImage Upload
    B. Sternal extremity
  4. what is CImage Upload
    C. Body
  5. what is DImage Upload
    D. Acromial extremity
  6. what is EImage Upload
    E. Acromioclavicular joint
  7. whaImage Uploadt is E
    E.  glenohumeral joint
  8. What is AImage Upload
    A- superior border
  9. What is BImage Upload
    B-medial  border
  10. What is CImage Upload
    C- Axilla
  11. What is DImage Upload
    D- lateral  border
  12. what is AImage Upload
  13. what is CImage Upload
    scapular notch
  14. What is BImage Upload
    coracoid process
  15. what is DImage Upload
    superior  angles
  16. what is FImage Upload
    inferior angles
  17. what is EImage Upload
  18. what is GImage Upload
    costal surface
  19. what is HImage Upload
  20. what is IImage Upload
    lateral angle
  21. what is JImage Upload
    glenoid cavity
  22. The olecranon process is part of the Radius or  Ulna
  23. Image UploadWhat is A
  24. Image UploadWhat is B
    Neck of scapula 
  25. Image UploadWhat is C
    Scapular notch
  26. Image UploadWhat is D
    Superior angle
  27. What is EImage Upload
    Medial (vertebral) border
  28. What is F Image Upload
    Inferior angle
  29. Image UploadWhat is G
    Lateral (axillary) border
  30. Image UploadWhat is H
    Glenoid cavity (fossa) or scapulohumeral joint
  31. Image UploadWht is A
  32. Image UploadWhat is B
    Coracoid process
  33. Image UploadWhat is C
    Inferior angle
  34. Image UploadWht is D
    Spine of scapula
  35. Image UploadWht is E
    Body of scapula
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