Benefits Orientation

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  1. Medical Benefits and Costs
    • HMO - $500 Deductible $70 single, doubles plus 1, triples for family
    • HRA - $1500 Deductible $47 single, doubles plus 1, triples for family
    • PPO - $500 Deductible designed for out of network members costing ~ $113 single coverage
    • Per Pay Check (26 paychecks a year)
  2. HRA Plan Reimbursement
    • Company Reimbursement:
    • $500 single
    • $1000 family

    This would be you are actually only paying $1000 for single coverage if you take full advantage of the plan. If you do not use the $500 provided by the company, it will rollover to the next year which is really nice.
  3. Vision Insurance
    • Eye Med bundled with Health Insurance
    • Broad Network: Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Target/Sears/JcPenney Optical.
    • Through any of the approved providers, the plan will cover vision exams and helps cover glasses, lenses and frames.
  4. Dental Insurance
    • Cigna for Dental Insurance
    • It is free for employees only. 
    • You have the option to add Spouse or Children for roughly $10/paycheck or your entire family for about $30.
  5. Company Sponsored Long-Term Disability/Life Insurance
    Life Insurance at no cost to you.  You will automatically get this benefit @ 1.5x your annual salary.
  6. Voluntary Life and AD&D
    If you feel that the company sponsored life insurance is not enough, you may purchase additional coverage with Voluntary Life and/or Accident Insurance at your own expense.
  7. Flexible Spending Plan (FSA)
    FSA is a plan designed for you to set a side a pre-taxed dollar amount for the year to cover certain out-of-pocket medical expenses such as co-pays, additional vision/dental costs, prescription drugs. The program even allows you to have a pre-loaded Debit Card with the money ready for you to use upfront if need be.
  8. 401K through Fidelity
    Our company offers 3% of your annual salary towards your 401K account regardless if you are part-time/full-time.  You are eligible to enroll/make changes to your account every quarter.
  9. Paid Time Off (PTO)
    The company provides employees 6.46 hours of PTO each pay period effective immediately. That equates to about 21 days a year.  This will include sick days as well.  Although you accrue immediately, you will not be able to use any PTO until day 91 of your employment.  We do however offer a floating holiday which you may use immediately upon employment.
  10. Holidays
    We observe 7 paid holidays throughout the year as listed.  One thing to keep in mind is if the holiday falls on a Saturday= Closed Friday, Sunday = Closed Monday
  11. CDW Employee Discount
    We have a 10% corporate discount through CDW where you can purchase electronics and technical supplies.
  12. Verizon Employee Discount
    We offer an 8% discount off your monthly Verizon bill. All you have to do is log onto Verizon's website and use your work email address as proof to be eligible for the discount.
  13. Notary Public
    We have two certified notaries on site: Colleen Billings, HR Director, and Raquel Manke in Accounting. They both are located at the Excelsior building should you need their notary services.
  14. GHC HMO Plan - Introductory
    • Single Plan is ~$70/paycheck with a $500 Deductible/ $1000 Max out-of-pocket.
    • Family is ~ $150/paycheck with $1,000 Deductible/ $2000 Max out-of-pocket.
  15. GHC HMO Plan - Clinical Services
    • All 3 GHC plans are covered at 100% for preventative care due to the Health Care Reform.
    • Preventative Care would include you annual physicals, screenings, immunizations (and if you are pregnant: prenatal/post natal care visits). Typically, this is a better plan if you are pregnant just because you will be having more frequent visits to the dr). Also, this plan will fully cover: Lab work and X-rays/MRIs.

    • Primary Care Visits (strep throat, flu), Specialty Visits and other practitioner office visit will cost you a $30 co-pay.
    • GHC really encourages the well-being of not only adults, but especially children under the age of 18.  Therefore, these visits will be no charge to them.
  16. GHC HMO Plan - Urgent Care
    • If you need non-emergency medical attention, you should really get in the habit of calling your PCP for an appointment. If you are unable to get in right away the clinic can schedule an appt for you at Urgent Care. GHC's Urgent Care is located on W. Wash called the Capitol Clinic.  It is open 7 days a week until 9pm. The cost is $30 per visit.  This is significantly less expensive than going to the ER for $150/visit. 
    • Urgent Care can take care of illnesses/injuries such as back pain, fever, migraines and even bone fractures (if not through your skin).
  17. GHC HMO Plan - Emergency Services
    • If you are in a life-threatening medical situation, please go to the Emergency Room, open 24/7.  It will be $150/visit/member.
    • The ER you go to is based on your designated hospital. GHC determines that by your primary care office location. It would either be UW Health or Meriter. For Stoughton Clinic, it would be Stoughton Hospital.
    • If you utilize the Ambulance Services, you will quickly find that you have met your deductible. The plan will kick into effect and you would pay the remaining 20% after deductible.
    • (Eg. Ambulance services cost $1000, you would pay $500 ded, if not met already, and 20% of remaining $500 = $100. Potentially paying $600 costs). 

    *Urgent Care and ER Visits are pretty consistent throughout the 3 GHC Plans
  18. GHC HMO Plan - Hospital and Outpatient Services
    You will also quickly find that you will meet your deductible if you were ever hospitalized, having outpatient surgery, or delivering a baby.  In this case, you would pay 20% of the remaining costs after meeting your deductible.  All babies are born at St. Marys.
  19. GHC HMO Plan - Prescription Drugs, Supplies and Equipment
    • For prescription drugs, you may get them filled at most of the GHC clinics and also at your Walgreens/CVS stores.
    • This is pretty much the same across the 3 plans: $15 for generic and $30 for brands and specialty drugs
  20. GHC HMO Plan - Complementary Medicine Services
    • Complementary Medicine Services really focuses on preventative care versus just treating the external systems.  GHC offers a wide variety of services and classes such as: Massages, Acupuncture, Pilates, Tai Chi, etc.  The plan will pay half of the cost up to $375 per member per calendar year.  So for massages, they can range anywhere from $80-90.  At GHC, you would pay ~$35 and they do not accept tips.
    • It is a very popular service throughout the GHC clinics so I strongly advise you to take advantage of it and call in advance for an appointment.
  21. GHC HRA Plan - Introductory
    • Higher deductible $1500 single plan, max out-of-pocket $2500. 
    • Cost/paycheck is again $47 single vs. $70 single HMO.
    • Family $3000 deductible, max out-of-pocket $5000.
    • *Reiterate company reimbursement. 
    • All you need to do is submit a reimbursement form and proof of payment. Will rollover if not used.
    • **This plan is designed more for those who do not visit their doctors frequently.  If you go for your annual physical, a few doctor visits and that's it. Preventative is covered at 100% so your annual physical and the office visit of maybe the flu would cost anywhere from $80-200 will be reimbursed from the $500 the company provides so you have not incurred any medical expenses other than your monthly premiums. 
    • Now, on the other hand, if you do meet your deductible quite quickly due to let's say an emergency surgery you had, the most out of pocket you would have to pay is $1000 for single up front. When I say up front, it means you will receive a bill later, not like a co-pay you have to pay right then and there.
  22. GHC HRA Plan - Clinic Services
    Preventative Care is covered at 100%, and similarly to the HMO, office visits/specialty care/general practitioner visits will cost you (no charge to children under 18). If you have not met your deductible, you will have to pay the visit in full.  However, you have the first $500 covered by the company.  That is pro-rated since your hire date.
  23. GHC HRA Plan - Urgent and Emergency Care Services
    • Urgent Care Visits will cost the full amount unless you have met your deductible.  In that case, you would pay 10% of the medical bill.
    • Emergency Room visits are the same as the HMO - $150/visit
    • Ambulance Services/ Hospital Stays/ Surgeries, you would pay 10% of the balance assuming you met your deductible which is most likely.
    • * With any Urgent Care/ER/Hospital visits, it is always good to call the # on the back of your card for pre-approval, unless it is life-threatening and you cannot.
  24. GHC HRA Plan - Prescription Drugs, Supplies and Equipment
    Prescription Drug coverage is going to be the same as the HMO plan - $15 generic, $30 brand and specialty drugs.
  25. GHC HRA Plan - Complementary Services
    Same as the HMO, all across all 3 plans...
  26. GHC PPO Plan
    • This plan is designed for those who are outside of Dane County, as a result, outside of GHC network. It is really similar to the HMO plan in costs and $30 co-pays for office visits that aren't preventative care.
    • Please note that UW Primary Care Doctors are in network.  PPO members can go to Dean, but with HMO, Dean is out-of-network.
    • The cost per paycheck is roughly $113 for single member plan.
  27. GHC Complementary Medicine
    • Here are some listings of what I mentioned earlier.  GHC will pay half the cost of the class or service you utilize up to $375/member/calendar year
    • These are the 4 main clinics that offers a variety of classes such as Acupuncture, Yoga, Massage Therapy, etc.
  28. GHC My Chart
    This is a really neat tool that GHC offers.  MyChart in a way for you to manage your health online in a quick and easy way.  You are able to look at your medical records, communicate with your doctor via emails, schedule appointments all online.  You'll just have to sign up for it.
  29. GHC Wellness Reimbursement
    GHC has a Wellness Reimbursement Program where you could potentially get reimbursed $100 for individual or $200 for family for community classes, Weight Watchers, CSA, Athletic Shoes ($25). All you have to do is fill out a form and send it in with a receipt to this address.  This is a calendar year program and deadline is Jan. 30th of the following year.
  30. Eye Med Vision Care - Introductory
    • Vision Plan through Eye Med is bundled with our Health Insurance Plans. You must be enrolled in one of our GHC plans to be eligible.
    • Eye Med has a wide range of approved providers such as: Lens Crafters, Pearle Vision, Sears/Jc Penney's/Target Optical
    • GHC does have an Optometry Center, however, keep in mind they will charge you a $40 contact lens fitting even if you do not get contacts, but wear them.
  31. Eye Med Vision Care - Costs
    • Vision exams are covered in full as long as you stay in network. Frames are covered at $140 and you pay the remaining 80% balance.
    • Contact Lenses are covered at $155 and you pay remaining 85% balance.
    • *Please keep in mind: You may not get both lens and contact lenses in the same year.  This plan is a rolling calendar year so if you go in for an exam this October, you won't be able to go until next October 2014.
  32. Cigna Dental - Introductory
    • This plan is free for employee only.  It will cost about $10 to add another member on.
    • This plan also is based on a rolling calendar system. Individual deductible is $50/person and $150/family with maximum out-of-pocket $2000.
  33. Cigna Dental - Costs
    • For Class I: Preventative & Diagnostic Care
    • Covered at 100% if in network -- Oral Exams, Dental Cleanings 2x/ year, but has to be 6 months apart
    • After Class I, In/Out-of-network will be the same cost.
    • Class II: Restorative Care such as your Root Canals, Fillings are covered 80%
    • Class III: Major Restorative Care such as Crowns, Dentures are covered at 50%
    • Class IV: Orthondontia is covered at 50%, and the Life Time Maximum of $1500 for dependent children under the age of 19
  34. Term Life Insurance - Introductory
    The Company automatically provides 1.5x your annual salary at no cost.  If you feel that is not enough coverage for you or your family in the event something happens to you; you can purchase additional life insurance coverage for you and your family.  This would not however, cover if you were involved in a high-risk activity such as sky diving.
  35. Term Life Insurance - Costs
    • This coverage is based on Age and if you are a tobacco user.  During the initial enrollment, employees are guaranteed $100,000 without evaluation, and can take up to 5x your salary in $10,000 increments.
    • For Spouse, guaranteed $30,000 and can get up to 1/2 the amount you elect.
    • (Refer to Example: 28 year old, non-smoker will equate to .44cents. He wants 25 units x .44 = $11.00/month)
    • Since this is calculated by month, if you want to figure out how much per paycheck, you would take 11x12 / 26 pay checks to figure out per paycheck deduction. It really isn't that expensive, but again, it's added coverage to what we provide you.
  36. Personal Accident Insurance
    • This is also additional insurance if you feel you need coverage in the event you are injured and killed in a non-high risk activity. 
    • Coverage is based on the severity of your injury such as paralysis, loss of body part(s), speech/hearing loss, etc.
    • You may take coverage on yourself and your family. Monthly cost is based on the amount you choose to elect.
  37. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - Introductory
    FSA is a plan designed for you to set a side a pre-taxed dollar amount for the year to cover certain out-of-pocket medical expenses such as co-pays, additional vision/dental costs, prescription drugs. The program even allows you to have a pre-loaded Debit Card with the money ready for you to use upfront if need be.
  38. FSA - Costs and other facts
    • This is a calendar year plan, so if anything, under estimate how much money you set aside.  You can always adjust it the next year. If you don't use it by the end of the year, you loose it. We do give you a 3 month grace period, until March 15th to use the money.
    • This is pre-taxed money so you will save about 25-40% in taxes.
    • Eligible medical expenses are vision/dental/hospital expenses, prescription drugs, etc. It will not cover expenses such as cosmetic surgery, maternity clothes, feminine care, etc.
    • For parents, you can set aside a dollar amount for childcare under some restrictions.
  39. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • This is a voluntary, confidential line that will be of service to you in case you need it for coping with issues such as family conflicts, emotional/mental health, domestic violence, etc.
    • This personal assistance line is open 24/7 should you ever need to use it.
  40. 401K through Fidelity
    All employees are eligible to receive the 3% company sponsored contribution to their 401K fund. You do not need to enroll through the website to receive this benefit.  It is through Fidelity's website. You may rollover your funds at anytime, but to enroll and make changes are strictly every quarter. Everyone will receive a reminder from Caroline Petty, HR Director in Denver. She will include instructions and information on the 401K Plan.  Fidelity will mail you information directly to your home address.
  41. Tuition Reimbursement
    • Healthgrades believes in the personal and professional growth of its employees. Therefore, we offer this program as a way to encourage it.
    • Employees may be eligible for up to $2500 annual reimbursement based on our policy.
    • You must be full time employee and employee with us for at least a year. Your courses must be job related and approved by your manager. We will reimburse you after the class has been completed and you received a B or Better or "Pass" in a Pass/Fail class. You must also stay with our company for at least another year.
  42. Value Added Services Overview - Cigna
    • Cigna offers a few services that I feel would be worth taking advantage of.
    • They offer Will Preparation Services, Discounts on Health and Wellness-related Services and Products, and Identity Theft Program to help resolve issues.
  43. Discounts through Working Advantage
    • Healthgrades partner up with Working Advantage to provide employees with recreational discounts. You can save up to 35% on popular attractions such as Universal Studios, Sea World, AMC Theatres, etc.
    • All you have to do is register on their website and order online.
  44. Verizon Discount
    Like I mentioned earlier, if you go through Verizon for your cell phone provider, you will be eligible to get 8% discount off your monthly bill.  You just have to sign into Verizon Wireless and prove you're an employee using your email address as confirmation.
  45. Worker's Compensation
    • If you are injured on the job, you may be entitled to Worker's Comp.  We require you to give a written notice to us within 4 working days of the accident. No compensation is payable the first 3 days unless it exceeds 2 weeks. In that case, you would be compensated 2/3rds of your average weekly wage.
    • You are entitled for medical, surgical treatment under the cost of our company.  We ask you use our designated physicians at Concentra Health.
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