*Maintenance/ PMCS (AR 750-35)

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  1. What DA PAM is the Guide for Motor Pool Operations?
    DA PAM 750-30
  2. What DA PAM is the Leader's Unit Maintenance Handbook?
    DA PAM 750-1
  3. What are the 4 levels of Maintenance?
    • Unit
    • Direct support (DS)
    • General support (GS)
    • Depot
  4. What does PMCS stand for?
    Preventative Maintenance Checks and Service
  5. When is a PMCS required to be performed?
    Before, during and after the operation of a piece of equipment and also at weekly and monthly intervals
  6. What is a TM?
    A Technical Manual, outlines the specific scope of repairs on equipment
  7. What is a DD Form 314?
    Preventative Maintenance Schedule and Record
  8. What forms are contained in the equipment record folder when the vehicle is dispatched?
    • 5988 
    • accident report
    • military license
  9. What is the DA Form 2407 used for?
    To request support maintenance on a piece of equipment
  10. Before a vehicle can be dispatched, what safety equipment must be present?
    Fire extinguishers (up to date inspection tags), complete first aid kit and highway warning kit
  11. class 1 leak?
    leak not great enough to form drops
  12. Class 2 leak?
    the leak forms drops but do not fall
  13. class 3 leak?
    the leak forms drops and they fall
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