Q1 Spelling Final

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  1. vignette
    a short description
  2. ribald
    irreverently mocking
  3. proselyte
    a desciple
  4. oblivious
  5. liturgy
    a religious service or rite
  6. fait accompli
    an accomplished and presumably irreversible deed
  7. chimerical
  8. bellwether
    a leader in a violent undertaking
  9. condescend
    to stoop voluntarily to a lower level
  10. forte
    a person's strong suit
  11. icon
    a representation of a sacred personage
  12. mountebank
    a trickster
  13. plethora
  14. pragmatic
    concerned with practical values
  15. therapeutic
    having the power to heal
  16. virtuoso
    a brilliant performer
  17. vicissitude
    a change
  18. sacrosanct
    very sacred
  19. prurient
    having lustful desires
  20. panache
    a stylish manner
  21. homily
    a sermon stressing moral principles
  22. genre
    a type
  23. diaphanous
    very sheer and light
  24. commensurate
    equal in size
  25. aficionado
    an enthusiastic follower
  26. aegis
  27. eleemosynary
  28. lexicon
    a dictionary of a language
  29. minuscule
    very small
  30. polarize
    to cause light to vibrate in a pattern
  31. sanguine
    of a naturally cheerful outlook
  32. vassal
    a servant
  33. verisimilitude
    the quality of appearing to be true
  34. symptomatic
  35. pundit
    a lerned person
  36. mnemonic
    a memory device
  37. hoi-polloi
    the common people
  38. folderol
    foolish talk; nonsense
  39. divination
    the act of predicting the future
  40. corollary
    a natural result
  41. affinity
    a natural attraction to a person, thing, or activity
  42. ensconce
    to put is a safe place
  43. iconoclastic
    attacking popular belief
  44. in medias res
    in the middle
  45. maladroit
    lacking skill
  46. portentous
  47. quid pro quo
    something given in exchange
  48. saturnalian
    characterized by riotous revelry
  49. touchstone
    a means of testing worth
  50. waggish
    playfully humerous
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