HM Ch 3 Organisms of Long Ago

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  1. species
    a group of the same type of living thing that can mate and produce other living things of the same kind
  2. endangered species
    a species that has so few members that the entire species is at risk of dying out
  3. extinct species
    a species that has died off
  4. era
    a major division of time
  5. fossil
    the preserved remain sof an organism that lived long ago
  6. paleontologist
    a scientist who studies fossils and forms of life that no longer exist
  7. ancestor
    a species or form of a species that lived long ago and to which modern species may be traced
  8. relative
    a species that shares a common ancestor with another species
  9. trait
    a feature such as a body part or behavior
  10. What is a trait of BOTH the modern elephant and the ancient woolly mammoth?
    a trunk
  11. A dodo is an example of
    an extinct species
  12. Which of the following has caused the MOST species to become extinct in the last few hundred years?
    -volcanic eruptions             
    -human activities              
    human activities
  13. Which of the following would a paleontologist most likely study?
    -why tigers have become endangered           -what modern wolves eat       
    -how fish breathe with gills                         -whether dinosaurs are related to birds
    whether dinosaurs are related to birds
  14. Because of overhunting, the number of species of bird drops from 75 to 10.  Is this species endangered or extinct?  Explain.
    The species is endangered.  It is not extinct because there are still some birds living.
  15. Suppose a fossil is found on a mountain.  The animal that formed the fossil has fins, a tail, and a flat body.  What evidence is there to support the idea that a mountain was once under the ocean?
    The fossil appears to have characteristics of a fish or an animal that lived in water; therefore, the mountain was once under water.
  16. Which best describes why dinosaurs became extinct?       
    -natural causes and human activities            -human activities       
    -natural causes                                          -water pollution
    natural causes
  17. The modern elephant and its ancestors ____.
    share some traits
  18. What might people do to save a species that is endangered because of destruction of its habitat?
    To save the species people should save the habitat.  The cause of the habitat destruction determines the actions needed.  For example, poisoning due to pollution would require ending the pollutions; habitat loss due to construction would require building roads and houses elsewhere.
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