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  1. A Reducing agent is the species that _____ electrons; it is _________
    • loses electrons
    • oxidized
  2. An Oxidizing agent is the species that ______ electrons; it is _________
    • gains electrons
    • reduced
  3. this type of reaction involved the production of water as two organic molecules are joined
    condensation reaction
  4. The opposite reaction to the "hydrolysis reaction" is the __________ reaction
  5. Describe the carboxylation reaction
    A reaction where a carboxyl, or carboxylic acid group is added
  6. Describe the "hydrogenation reaction"
    • changes an unsaturated (double-bond) fatty acid into a saturated fatty acid
    • **the reaction does not affect every alkene bond; some will reform as trans bonds
    • requires a Ni (nickel) or Platinum (Pt) catalyst, and H2
  7. describe the "hydration reaction" and its requirements
    • the reaction is the addition of water to the double bond in an alkene
    • often requires acid as a catalyst
  8. Describe Markovnikov's rule
    • relates to the "hydration reaction"
    • states: if the alkene is asymmetric, the H will bond to the carbon with more H's, while the -OH will bond to the carbon with more groups attached
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