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  1. In what year did Watson and Crick build a model of the structure of DNA?
  2. What year did Watson and Crick win the Nobel Prize with their work on DNA?
  3. What did Watson and Crick do to create a model of the structure of DNA?
    • They took photographs using xrays which showed that DNA had two chains wound in a helix
    • Data indicating that the bases occurred in pairs
  4. How do Ribosomes compare in size to mitochondria?
    They are smaller than mitochondria
  5. What job do enzymes do within the cell?
    They control the activity of the cell
  6. What is another name for enzymes?
    Enzymes are also called biological catalysts
  7. When do mutations occur?
    They can occur spontaneously but they can be made to occur more often by radiation or chemicals
  8. Name some functions of proteins
    • Structural proteins used to build cells and tissues, e.g collagen
    • Hormones which carry messages to control a reaction, e.g insulin which controls blood sugar levels
    • Carrier proteins, e.g haemoglobin which carries oxygen
    • Enzymes
  9. What happens at the ribosomes?
    They are the site of protein synthesis
  10. What does Aerobic respiration involve?
    It involves the use of oxygen
  11. What do pyramids of biomass show?
    They show the dry mass of living material at each stage of the food chain.
  12. How might a pyramid of biomass look different to a pyramid of numbers?
    • It might look different if..
    • The producers are very large
    • If a small parasite lives on a large animal
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