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  1. Ductous arteriosus
    blood vessel that allows fetal blood to bypass the lungs; partially closes 10-15 hours after birth and completely seals 10-21 days after birth; closure of DA after birth allows blood flow to reach the lungs only through the pulmonary artery; sends bluer blood to the organs in the lower half of the fetal body
  2. Ductus venous
    blood vessel that allows fetal blood to bypass the fetusÂ’ liver. Carries blood with oxygen and nutrients from the umbilical cord straight to the right side of the fetusÂ’s heart. Closes shortly after birth when umbilical cord is cut
  3. What do you check with digoxin?
  4. Risk factors for congenital heart disease
    chronic illnesses such as diabetes or phenylketonuria, booze, environmental toxins, family history
  5. Tetralogy of Fallot 4 defects
    VSD, pulmonic stenosis, overriding aorta and ventricular hypertrophy
  6. Clinical manifestations of tetralogy of fallot
    cyanosis, systolic murmur, anoxic spells, risk for emboli, seizures and LOC or sudden death after anoxic spell
  7. Tetralogy of Fallot vascular resistance
    pulmonary is higher then right to left and if systemic is higher then left to right
  8. Coartication of the aorta description
    narrowing near the insertion of the ductus arteriosus which results in increased pressure to head and upper body and decreased pressure to body and lower extremities
  9. Clinical manifestations of coartication of the aorta
    high BP and bounding pulses in arms, weak or absent femoral pulses, cool lower extremities with lower BP; severe acidosis and hypotension; risk for HTN, ruptured aorta, aneurysm and stroke
  10. Truncous arteriosis definition
    failure of division of pulmonary artery and aorta which results in single vessel-blood from both ventricles mixes in common artery which leads to desaturation and hypoxemia; blood goes from heart to lower pressure pulmonary arteries
  11. Clinical manifestations of truncous arteriosis
    moderate to severe HF and variable cyanosis, poor growth and activity intolerance; holosystolic murmur and left sternal murmur with a diastolic murmur present if truncal regurg is present
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