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  1. Software used for diagnosis codes
    • Encoders
    • Used to facilitate the assignment of diagnostic and procedural codes
  2. What payment system was in place before the PPS
    Fee for service
  3. What kind of memory is known as temporary memory
  4. Agency responsible for DRGs
    CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid
  5. Differences in kilo, mega, giga, and terabytes
    • Kilo smallest
    • Mega 1000kbs
    • Giga 1000Mbs
    • Terabytes largest 1000 gigabytes
  6. Ultimate responsibility for internet agencies
    Oversee distribution and maintenance of domain names and internet protocol
  7. Who is responsible for overseeing internet
  8. XML is what type of computer language
    • Extensible Markup Language
    • text based on international standards
  9. Most important element of project mgmt software
    • Method of communication
    • Uses Gantt Chart to illustrate project tasks
  10. Is a Gantt chart found in scheduling software
    No, uses PERT chart
  11. What data set is used in managed care
    HEDIS Health Plan Employer Data and Info Set
  12. What data set is developed by the Joint Commissions
  13. Difference in quanatative and qualitative analysis
    • Quanatative is where there is something that is missing from the record.
    • Qualatative is the quality of the overall record
  14. Another name for fuzzy logic
    Rule based algorithms
  15. Which group approves data standards for images
  16. Which group sets standards for financial data
    ASCX 12
  17. Database that handles text images, audio, video and other objects. Stored with hierarchy and navigational style of programming
    Object oriented
  18. Defines a logical group of related data and program logic that represents a "real" world thing (patient, physician)

    Uses Java as a programming tool
    Object oriented database
  19. Uses pointers to connect data. Nodes are called owners and members rather than parent and child as in the hierarchy model.

    The node can have more than 1 parent
    Network database
  20. Most common database
    All data stored in tables with relationships among tables
    Rows and Columns like a spreadsheet

    Relational Database
  21. Structures the data in a hierarchy similiar to organization chart.
    Simulates a tree
    Not user friendly, will not work with current EHR systems
    Hierarchy Database
  22. Model similiar to entity relationship bc there are entites, attributes and identifiers but it also documents what the object can do
    Semantic object model
  23. Difference in databasesa and data modeling
    • Modeling is the design of what is needed
    • Database describes how data is stored and relationship between the data
  24. Technique for summarizing, consolidating, viewing data according to multiple dimensions.
    Turns data warehouse into a decision support tool by analyzing large amounts of data quickly
    • OLAP
    • Online analytical processing
  25. Software used to retrieve, update and edit data in a relational database.

    Most common is SQL language
    Data Manipulation language
  26. This can be answered with a yes or a no.
    • Closed ended question
    • Likert scale.
  27. Responses can be expanded past yes or no. Statement must be collected read and analyzed
    Open ended question
  28. A system that records info about a patient and the care provided and turned into information for evaluation
    Data quality indicator
  29. Job involves entering , analyzing, using and maintaining data of computer systems and networks in healthcare settings
    Role of HIM professional
  30. Responsible for money and technology advances
  31. Made up of monitor, keyboard and bare minimum hardware needed to connect to network
    Dummy Terminal
  32. Brain of the PC, performs all functions of the computer
    Hard Drive
  33. Most data that is abstracted is
    Clinical data
  34. What language does the WWW use
  35. Name a primary source of data
    Patient Health Record
  36. Prospective Payment System is AKA
  37. 2 basic parts of a computer
    hardware and softeware
  38. Physically anything tha a person can touch on a computer
    keyboard, mouse, hard drive
  39. Brain of the computer. Measured in MHz
    CPU Central processing unit
  40. Long term memory is called
    RAM Random access memory
  41. Optical character recognition is AKA
  42. Used to index documents scanned in a optical disc imaging system
  43. 3 main parts of a computer
    CPU, memory, storage
  44. Software of computer includes
    operating system, software programs, program languages
  45. Basic unit of storage is called
  46. Popular programming language bc it can be used on most operating systems
  47. Common language used that allows text to be displayed onto screen with a browser directly from computer to Internet browser
  48. Language that is text based on international standards. Has limitations
  49. First language developed and primarily intended for use in text and database publishing
    SGL Standard General Markup language
  50. Collection system that organizes data in one of two methods
    Database program
  51. name the 2 types of database programs
    • Flat file- collects records
    • Mgmt - manages files and tables
  52. Relational Model and Object-oriented joined to become
    ERDNM Extended Relational Data Model
  53. Language used by nonprogrammers to retrieve info
    SQL Structured Query Language
  54. A databae that is central respoitory of patient info data that includes names, social, record number, history, etc
    MPI Master Patient Index
  55. Chart used to illustrate project tasks and their start, end and completion date
    Gantt chart
  56. Chart that helps evaluate the entire schedule and make adjustments
    PERT Project Evaluation and Review Technique
  57. Transmission that uses analog into digital and back again
  58. Connects directly to a neqork
  59. Coaxial cable within TV network
  60. Bandwidth capacity to carry large amount of data
  61. Search for info or data tha meets specified criteria
  62. Most search engines use what kind of search that uses "and, or and not"
    Boolean Search
  63. Primary developers of data exchange standards
    • SDO Standard Development Organization
    • ANSI Amer. National Standard Institute
  64. And Standard Development Organization that develops data exchange
    Standards for clinical data
    (EHR & Patient data on computers
  65. Full of numbers and useless data
    Raw Data
  66. Advise and recommend guidelines for the EHR in all activities. Including standards, data sets and terminologies
    National Committee on Vital and Health Stats
  67. What is subjective data
    An account of what the patient problems are from the patient themselves
  68. Effective preventative maintenance program includes what
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Maintenance Schedule
    • Timely Data Submission and Respirtory
  69. Collection of data carefully organized to be of value to the user
  70. Manipulates and controls the data stored within the database.
    Database cannot function without this
    Database Mgmt system
  71. Primary key is used in which database
    Relational database
  72. Standard language for relational data model
  73. Oracle, Sybase and Access are examples of
    Database Mgmt system
  74. Allows users to use common English works to tell databases what is needed
    National Language Query
  75. Database that has "real-time" access
    Data Respository
  76. Process of deciding on an info system, preparing it and training facility for use of system
    System Selection and Implementation
  77. System Selection process
    • Plan
    • Organize
    • Analyze
    • Request proposal
    • Evaluate
    • Select system
    • Negotiate
  78. System designed to work together
    Easier to manage because of lack of interfaces
    Collect, store and retrieve info from the sam database
    Integrated System
  79. Systems do not work together, but link through and interface
    Takes data from one system and plugs data into another system.
    Interfaced System
  80. This person must be a visionary and have strong mgmt skills
  81. 1st step in the SDLC
    Helps determine the needs for data, storage, reporting and functions
    System Analysis
  82. Configuring settings falls under what life cycle
  83. Asks vendor for detailed written info, this is called
    Request for Proposal
  84. Name the go-live philosphies
    • Parallel
    • Phased
    • Pilot
    • Big Bang
  85. The go-live that is expensive and labor intensive
    Least risk involved
  86. Go live that starts with one part of the system and gradually adds another part
  87. Go live where only one dept starts the program
  88. Go live known as the "cutover" method.
    Most risky
    Stops using the old system and starts the new one
    Big Bang
  89. Basic demographic info (such as insurance info) collected for identification and billing purposes
    Adminstrative Data
  90. Collected by the doctor or nurses for care of patient
    clincial Data
  91. Data used for research, quality improvement and analysis
    Aggregrate Data
  92. When are most charts scanned
    • Discharge
    • Upon completion
  93. WORM
    Write once read many
  94. Holds and retrieves individual disks
  95. Indexing performed without data entry
  96. Reports need only once.
    Such as a special report, research program etc
    AD HOC
  97. Storing data in a way to facilitate retrieval
    AD HOC
  98. Algorithms that look for the exact matches
    High % of false matches
  99. Algorithms that are sophisticated and highest rate of success
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