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  1. To exercise the privileges of an instrument rating, must have,

    Competency test in the preceding? Months

    Have ? Hours instrument time in the preceding ? months.

    Have performed ? approaches in the preceding ? months
    • 12
    • 3
    • 3
    • 3
  2. 5 docs that must be carried in the A/C
    • Certificate of Airworthiness
    • POH
    • Tech Log
    • Weight & Balance
    • Radio Approvals
  3. Preflight knowledge for IFR flight
    • Current Met conditions
    • Fuel requirements
    • Availability of Alternates if required
    • ATC delays
    • State of Coms and NAV aids to be used
    • Current conditions of airfields to be used
  4. Remote QNH setting
    Add 5 feet to MDA for every mile you are from the QNH you are useing
  5. ATC must be notified when TAS changes by ?

    When ETA changes by ?
    5 %

    2 mins
  6. To use GPS as primary means, what other instruments must the plane have
    2 other Sole means 

    ie 1 VOR and 1 ADF or 2 of one kind
  7. Loss of RAIM enroute for how long? or DR mode for how long? requires ATC to be notified.

    What must you then do
    10 mins of RAIM loss or 1 min DR

    verify position every 10 mins with other NAV system
  8. Requirements for nominating and alternate
    1 hour either side of ETA

    ceiling is at least 1000ft above MDA

    Viz is 5km or 2km above minina
  9. Alternate requirements when using GPS
    Must have a fully operational NAV aid other than GPS and A/C must be capable of using it.
  10. Visual departure rules
    Day only

    Must maintain own terrain clearance to MSA of first portion of the flight
  11. MEA


    MEA - NDBs

    MRA - VORs

    MFA - Minimum Flight altitude, takes into consideration IFR mag tracks as well as MEA,MRA etc
  12. MSA gives what clearance
    1000ft vertical or 2000ft in mountainous terrain within 5nm of the track
  13. Difference in separation provided between Class C & class D airspace
    Class C  IFR/IFR   IFR/VFR

    Class D  IFR/IFR only
  14. Visual approach can be requested at night providing what
    Pilot can see RUNWAY LIGHTS

    • approach lights or other lights not ok.
  15. Requirements for a visual approach
    • Ceiling not below initial approach altitude
    • Visual reference to terrain can be kept
    • Confident VMC will remain for entire approach.
  16. Position Reports in instrument approach at controlled aerodromes
    • 1 - Overhead prior to commencing procedure turn
    • 2 - Overhead outbound
    • 3 - Commencing base turn
    • 4 - Commencing final approach
    • 5 - Visual Reference
    • 6 - Missed approach
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