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  1. according to the text most of sexuality is:
    • •A uniquely human trait
    • •More than just mating rituals
    • •Laws,customs, fantasies, art based on sexuality

    -term for the feelings and behaviors of human beings concerning sex
  2. which discipline is involved in the study of human sexuality
    • -Sexologists– specialize in studying human sexuality
    • -Also: biologists, psychologists, physicians, anthropologists, historians,
    • sociologists, political scientists, public health officials
  3. when humans began to walk upright how did sexuality change?
    • •Visual cues increased in importance
    • •Male genitals and female breasts more visible
    • –Human male has largest penis of all primates
    • –Female pelvis rotated forward to allow face-to-face intercourse
    • –Enhanced female stimulation and orgasm
  4. which ancient civilization emphasized the natural blending of masculine and feminine principles as part of the procreative process?
  5. what best describes the view of women during the Victorian era?
    virtuous,delicate, vulnerable
  6. how was homosexuality viewed according to the 19th century medical model of sexuality?
    an illness (mental disorder)
  7. the comstock act of 1873
    prohibited the mailing of obscene, lewd, lascivious, and indecent writing or advertisements including articles about contraception or abortion
  8. what is one way that Margaret sanger influenced sexuality history?
    • •“It is none of society’s business what a woman shall do with her body”
    • –Published birth control literature, violating the Comstock Act
    • –Public outrage caused the case to be dropped 
    • -Opened birth control clinic that became the Planned Parenthood organization
  9. the comstock act of 1873 did what for us citzens
    denied many people sophisticated contraceptive devices or information for 60 years
  10. which theory  emphasizes the structure of the personality on the unconscious nature of sexuality
  11. which theorist would most likely say " how one behaves as a man or a women is controlled primarily by our genes"
  12. the influence of law and religion and the impact of economic conditions on sexual behaviors are stressed most by which theory
  13. what is TRUE about Evelyn Hookers researchers?
    the first empirical study to challenge the psychiatric view that homosexuality was a mental illness. Her work ultimately led to the removal of homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  14. according to your text who is considered the most influential sex researcher of the 20th century?
  15. what was a finding from masters and johnsons research about womens sexual response?
    they can have multiple orgasms
  16. what is a major limitation of the case study method of research?
    does not allow researches to generalize to the wider public because the sample is small
  17. in an experiment what variable does the experimenter manipulate?
    the independent variable
  18. early sexuality researchers from the 19th century concentrated on the healthy and positive aspects of sexuality: true or false?
  19. sigmund freud believed that our basic personality is formed by events that happen to us in the first____ years of life
  20. in his studies from the 1950s, Kinsey found that they majority of heterosexual couples only had sex in the____ style
  21. according to the onion theory of communication what best describes how we reveal ourselves to others?
    We share about ourselves beginning with the least personal.
  22. what factors contribute to communication problems for couples
    • poor comm skills
    • inability to self disclose 
    • trouble listening 
    • unwillingness to achknowledge a problem
  23. which type of culture is more likely to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas as directly possible?
    low context culture
  24. research finds that couples who communicate with each other about sexuality issues are:
    more sexually satisfied
  25. couples who report disagreements in their relationships tend to experience higher levels of satisfaction than couples who:
    say that they never fight and do not report or talk about disagreements.
  26. trust in a relationship is highly correlated to level of...
  27. research demonstrates that in the typical elementary school in the U.S
  28. in typical development, if the male contributes a Y chromosome, the child will be
    a male
  29. a child with gonads of one sex but ambiguous external genitalia is referred to as a.....
  30. does an androgynous individual has genitals
  31. vulva
    the collective designation for the external genitalia of the female
  32. mons veneris
    the mound of fatty tissue over the female pubic bone, also referred to as mons pubis
  33. gender role are fundamentally innate or learned?
  34. clitoris
    an erectile organ of the female located under the prepuce; an organ of sexual pleasure
  35. vestibule
    the entire region between the labia minora, including the urethra and introitus
  36. os
    the opening of the cervix that allows passage between the vagina and the uterus
  37. corona
    the ridge of the glans penis
  38. testicles
    are egg shaped glands that rest in the scrotum each about 2 inches long and 1 inch in diameter
  39. vas deferens
    one of two long tubes that convey the sperm from the testes and in which other fluids are mixed to create semen
  40. seminal vesicles
    the pair of pouchlike structures lying next to the urinary bladder that secrete a component of semen into the ejaculatory ducts
  41. prostate gland
    a doughnut-shaped gland that wraps around the urethra as it comes out of the bladder contributing fluid to the semen
  42. cowpers gland
    one of the pair of glands located under the prostate gland on either side of the urethra that secretes a fluid into the urethra
  43. the behavioral reinforcement theories as they relate to love
    • •We love because another person reinforces positive feelings in ourselves
    • •Positive/rewarding feeling in the presence of another makes us like them, even if the reward is unrelated to that person
    • •Love is a result of many mutually reinforcing activities with a person
  44. the cognitive theories as they relate to love
    • •A behavior occurs, and then we interpret it as love
    • •If we think someone likes us, we are more prone to find them attractive
  45. the evolutionary theory as they relate to love
    • •Humans have 3 basic instincts:
    • –Need for protection
    • –Parent protects the child
    • –Sexual drive

    • •We love in order to produce offspring
    • •Heterosexual men want healthy women to carry offspring
    • •Heterosexual women want men with resources to care for her and the offspring
  46. the physiological arousal as they relate to love
    • •Physiological arousal is labeled with an emotion, such as love
    • •We are more likely to experience love when we are physiologically aroused for any
    • reason
    • –Couples who met during a crisis more likely to feel strongly about one another
    • •Arousal is a necessary component of love, but love is more than arousal alone
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