SAT Vocab Cards Day 16

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  1. elucidate (v)
    • DEFINITION: to make clear or plain; esp. by explanation
    • SENTENCE: Please, elucidate me. I'm a little confused.
    • SYNONYMS: decode, enlighten, explicate
    • ANTONYMS: cloud, complicate, obscure
  2. effusive (adj)
    • DEFINITION: unrestrained, esp. in the sense of praise
    • SENTENCE: Critics showered the movie with effusive praise because they loved it so much.
    • SYNONYMS: extravagant, lavish, exuberant
    • ANTONYMS: apathetic, disinterested, quiet
  3. prolific (adj)
    • DEFINITION: very productive
    • SENTENCE: The prolific writer wrote a great deal of books.
    • SYNONYMS: abounding, generative
    • ANTONYMS: barren, fruitless, impotent
  4. furor (n)
    • DEFINITION: a general commotion; an uproar
    • SENTENCE: The furor caused by 9/11 left people wondering what had happened.
    • SYNONYMS: commotion, ruckus, frenzy, hysteria
    • ANTONYMS: calm, harmony, peace
  5. paranoia (n)
    • DEFINITION: irrational fear
    • SENTENCE: He was filled with paranoia because he thought a monster was living in his closet.
    • SYNONYMS: insanity, delusions, phobia
    • ANTONYMS: confidence, trusting
  6. marginal (adj)
    • DEFINITION: of secondary importance; not central
    • SENTENCE: Hannah Abbott was a marginal character in the Harry Potter series.
    • SYNONYMS: insignificant, minimal, minor, negligible
    • ANTONYMS: important, major, significant
  7. obfuscate (v)
    • DEFINITION: to deliberately confuse; to make something extremely confusing
    • SENTENCE: I obfuscated the truth a little when the policeman questioned me.
    • SYNONYMS: baffle, befuddle, bewilder
    • ANTONYMS: clarify, explain, explicate
  8. flummox (v)
    • DEFINITION: to confuse; perplex
    • SENTENCE: The convoluted plots of the series flummoxed me.
    • SYNONYMS: baffle, bewilder, confound
    • ANTONYMS: clarify, explain
  9. spate (n)
    • DEFINITION: a large number or amount
    • SENTENCE: Studios produced a spate of popular action films.
    • SYNONYMS: deluge, outpouring, string, torrent
    • ANTONYMS: trickle, drip, scarceness
  10. ineffable (adj)
    • DEFINITION: indescribable
    • SENTENCE: Giselle's ineffable moment occurred when she shared true love's first kiss.
    • SYNONYMS: ethereal, transcendent, unspeakable
    • ANTONYMS: definable, describable, utterable
  11. histrionic (adj)
    • DEFINITION: excessively dramatic
    • SENTENCE: Your histrionic performance made me cringe; don't take yourself too seriously.
    • SYNONYMS: melodramatic, overacting, theatrical
    • ANTONYMS: untheatrical
  12. placate (v)
    • DEFINITION: to soothe or calm
    • SENTENCE: I tried to placate the crying baby, but my efforts were in vain.
    • SYNONYMS: appease, assuage, mollify, pacify
    • ANTONYMS: agitate, incite, irritate, provoke
  13. eschew (v)
    • DEFINITION: to avoid; shun
    • SENTENCE: I eschewed conformity in my attempt to be different, but ended up just becoming a wannabe hipster.
    • SYNONYMS: abandon, avoid, forgo, renounce
    • ANTONYMS: face, keep, meet, embrace
  14. stopgap (n)
    • DEFINITION: a temporary solution designed to meet an urgent need
    • SENTENCE: New Deal programs were stopgap measures that provided short-term relief.
    • SYNONYMS: makeshift, resource, substitute
    • ANTONYMS: permanent, solution
  15. flotsam (n)
    • DEFINITION: the floating wreckage of a ship
    • SENTENCE: The flotsam from the shipwreck went to shore.
    • SYNONYMS: debris, junk, cargo
    • ANTONYMS: 
  16. restitution (n)
    • DEFINITION: the act of making good or compensating for a loss
    • SENTENCE: The U.S. government approved a restitution payment of $20,000 to each Japanese internment camp survivor.
    • SYNONYMS: payment, rebate, recompense
    • ANTONYMS: fee, penalty, taking
  17. churlish (adj)
    • DEFINITION: ill-tempered; rude; lacking civility
    • SENTENCE: Landon Carter was a churlish character who ultimately became more mature.
    • SYNONYMS: sullen, surly, grumpy
    • ANTONYMS: happy, nice, polished, refined
  18. disquieting (adj)
    • DEFINITION: causing unease
    • SENTENCE: Jamie revealed some disquieting information about her health that made me worry.
    • SYNONYMS: disturbing, upsetting, annoying, bothersome
    • ANTONYMS: calming, pleasing, settling, soothing
  19. ornate (adj)
    • DEFINITION: characterized by elaborate and expensive decorations
    • SENTENCE: The ornate palace built by Louis XIV was astoundingly beautiful. 
    • SYNONYMS: baroque, beautiful, elegant, fancy
    • ANTONYMS: dull, offensive, plain, ugly
  20. odious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: detestable; extremely bad
    • SENTENCE: Your odious personality is poisonous; go away.
    • SYNONYMS: execrable, repugnant, repulsive, abhorrent
    • ANTONYMS: attractive, delightful, good, likeable
  21. perspicacious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: insightful and preceptive
    • SENTENCE: Cynthia is extremely perspicacious in that she is extremely insightful. Also, she is extremely beautiful.
    • SYNONYMS: prescient, discerning, alert, astute
    • ANTONYMS: ignorant, unobservant, unperceptive
  22. vertiginous (adj)
    • DEFINITION: having vertigo
    • SENTENCE: After the roller coaster, I felt extremely vertiginous and wanted to throw up.
    • SYNONYMS: dizzy, unstable
    • ANTONYMS: stable, steady
  23. cupidity (n)
    • DEFINITION: Excessive greed, especially for wealth
    • SENTENCE: The man coveted more and more treasure as his cupidity grew.
    • SYNONYMS: acquisitiveness, avidity, covetousness
    • ANTONYMS: apathy, generosity, indifference
  24. underwrite (v)
    • DEFINITION: to assume financial responsibility for
    • SENTENCE: The Gates Millennium Scholars fund underwrites a one billion dollar program to provide scholarships for minorities.
    • SYNONYMS: approve, finance, provide
    • ANTONYMS: disapprove, take, hurt
  25. discomfited (adj)
    • DEFINITION: uneasy; in a state of embarrassment
    • SENTENCE: Alex feels discomfited around Alyssa and Max sometimes-- and by sometimes I mean all the time.
    • SYNONYMS: demoralize, disconcert, perplex
    • ANTONYMS: comfort, soothe, abet
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