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    0.11 Lion Gate, Mycenae, 1250 BC
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    1.11 Cycladic Figures, Marble, EC II
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    1.12 Cycladic Harpist, EC II
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    2.7 Snake Godess, Knossos, MM III
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    2.13 Kamares ware Beak- spouted Jug, Phaistos, MM II
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    3.4 Plan of Palace at Knossos LM
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    3.5 Throne Room at Knossos, LM I
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    3.6 Basement storerooms from east wing at Knossos with storage vessels, LM I
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    3.7 Grand Staircase Knossos, LM I
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    3.8 Bull fresco, Knossos LM I
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    3.16-17 Havester Vase, Aghia Triadha, LM I
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    3.22 Octopus flask, Plaikastro, LM IB
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    3.36 Gold Mask (of Agamemnon), Mycenae, LH I
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    3.38 Bronze Daggers from shaft graves IV & V, Mycenae, LH I
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    3.35 Reconstruction of grave circle A, Mycenae, 1650-1450
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    3.40 The Citadel, Mycenae
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    3.41 Plan of the citadel, Mycenae 13th century BC
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    3.42 Drawing of Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae 1250 BC
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    3.43 Treasury of Atreus (Passage, door, and relieving triangle), Mycenae, LH IIIB
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    3.44 Facade of the Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, 1250 BC
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    3.45 Plan of Citadel in Tiryns, 13th-12th century BC
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    3.46 Vaulted Gallery of citadel wall, Tyrns, LH IIIB
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    3.56 Warrior Vase, Mycenae, LH IIIB-C
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    4.1 Dipylon Krater (from cemetary), Athens, 750 BC
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    4.19 Protogeometric pots from Kerameikos cemetary, Athens, Late 11-10th Century BC
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    4.24 Dipylon Amphora, Athens, 750 BC
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