Topic 6 - factors affecting learning

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  1. massed practice
    continiously practicing the same skill over a period of time - good for discrete skills
  2. distributed practice
    involves practicing a skill with rest periods inbetween each practice
  3. whole practice
    involves learning a skill in its whole complete form, useful with simple skills
  4. part practice
    involves breaking the skill down into smaller parts, learning the parts individually
  5. feedback - internal
    proprioceptors within the joints where the athletes get a 'feeling' of the movement within the body
  6. feedback - external
    involves receiving stimuli from external sources (coach, parents), maintains or modify motor plan.
  7. chunking
    if a coach can chunk bits of information together, there will be less 'bits' of information to process and the athlete can process more information. eg. take off time, instead of explanation
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