Pharmacology Exam II review Part 2

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  1. decrease in cardiac output
    affects the kidney and liver; they will both try to start to regulate your body due to the lack of blood, both of them are "sensory" organs
  2. Liver
    releases angiteniogen, kidney then releases Renin which leads to antiotensin I, angiotensin converting enzymes (ACE) are then released and leads to angiotensin II
  3. ACE inhibitors
    decreases aldosterone secretion, decreases vasoconstriction of arterioles, decreases water reabsorption, reduces symptoms of CHF
  4. Captopril
    Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitor drug
  5. Angiotensin II
    • increase aldosterone secretion which increase sodium/water reabsorption (wherever sodium goes; water follows)
    • vasoconstriction of arterioles
    • ADH secretion (releases antidiuretic enzyme?) which increases water reabsorption
  6. Angiotensin II binds to
    Angiotension II receptors
  7. Angiotension receptor blockers (ARB)
    blocks angio II from binding to Angio II receptors and the three symptoms of increase in aldosterone secretion, vasoconstriction of arterioles, and ADH secretion
  8. Losartan
    Angiotension receptor blocker (ARB)
  9. Is ARB or ACE used first?
    usually ACE because it was used first and so we know it is safe and ARB has more side effects
  10. Cardiac glycosides
    • increase in force of contraction without increase in oxygen consumption
    • increase in calcium flux into the cell to block sodium/potassium ATPase
    • increase in sodium concentration (sodium/calcium pump to increase calcium in cell)
  11. Digooxin
    Cardiac glycoside; Half life is equal to 1.5-2days in urine
  12. Digitoxin
    Cardiac glycoside; half life is 5-7 days; feces
  13. Hypertension
    • increase in BP/vasoconstriction
    • increase in vascular resistance
    • decrease cardiac output and increase heart rate
  14. Angiotension II
    • increase ADH by increasing water reabsorption
    • increase aldosterone (sodium and water resistor)
    • vasoconstriction
  15. ACE inhibitors
    • have reverse effects on 3 effects on angiotension II
    • ARBS (competively block receptors for Angiotension to take effect)
    • Cardiac glycosides
  16. Therapeutic index
    LD50/ED50 ~ 1
  17. Cardiac glycosides extend
    the length of action potential
  18. Diuretics
    • Thiazide (hydrochlorothiazide (HTz)
    • Organic Acid/loop (Lasix)
    • decrease sodium and water reabsorption in kidney to facilitate loss of potassium
  19. Vasodilators
    alpha 1 blockers
  20. Prazosin
    Alpha 1 blocker = vasodilator
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