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  1. Interrogate
    To ask

    ex.  The policeman interrogated witnesses after the crime.
  2. Recompense
    To pay back; give a reward; compensation.

    ex.  She received significant recompense for her time.
  3. Indispensible
    Absolutely necessary; can't do away with; not to be neglected.

    ex.  To keep my job I will make myself indispensible.
  4. Trivial
    Not important; minor; ordinary; commonplace.

    ex.  Your grades are not a trivial matter.
  5. Goad
    to drive or uge on; get a reaction.

    • ex. 
    • Stop goading him to act clownish.
  6. Unique
    One of a kind; unusual; unequaled.

    ex.  She has a very unique style.
  7. Resume
    A brief summary; a short written account of one's education, work experience or qualifications for a job

    ex.  You should bring your resume to a job interview.
  8. Hurtle
    to rush violently; dash headlong; to fling or hurl forcefully

    ex. In his anger he hurtled the chair across the room.
  9. Hazard
    Risk, peril -  to expose to danger or harm

    ex. Smoking is a hazard to your health.
  10. Culminate
    To reach a high point of development; to end; climax.

    ex.  The story culminated with them becoming friends.
  11. Dissuade
    To persuade not to do something; discourage.

    ex.  I tried to dissuade her from going there.
  12. Cater
    to satisfy the needs; try to make things easy and pleasant; to supply food and service.

    ex.  The hotel has excellent service.  They really cater to your every need.
  13. Oration
    A public speach for a formal occassion.

    ex.  They applauded after his oration.
  14. Vicious
    Savage, wicked, malicious.

    ex. The dog vicously attacked the cat.
  15. Pelted
    Bombard; shower with pebbles.

    ex.  The malicous kids pelted us with rocks.
  16. Mutual
    Two-sided; joint; shared, reciprocal.

    ex.  The decision to move forward was mutual.
  17. Interminable
    Never ending; ceaseless.

    ex.  Her interminable chatter was very annoying.
  18. Disrupt
    Upset; interfere; displace; disorder.

    ant: Organize

    ex. The loud music disrupted my studies.
  19. Regime
    Dynasty; Administration; rule.

    ex. The socialist regime did not allow them to speak freely.
  20. Luster
    gloss, sheen, shine.

    ex.  The creme adds luster to her hair.
  21. Sullen
    Downcast; sad.

    Ant. Cheerful, blithe, sociable; vivacious.
  22. Upright
    Sit up; in a verticle position; without fault; honest.

    Ant: in a horizontal position; lying down; dishonest; corrupt

    ex.  After his incarceration he tried to live an upright life.
  23. Humdrum
    Boring; ordinary; without excitement.

    Ant: exciting, lively, thrilling, exhilarating.

    ex.  He lived a very humdrum life on the farm.  But when he moved to the city, it became very exciting.
  24. Peevish
    showing irritation; querillous

    ant: agreeable; pleasant mood or temperment; amicable.

    ex.  The long wait made them very peevish.
  25. Retarded
    slowed down; stunted.

    ANT: hasten; quicken; speed up.

    ex.  A lack of sun can retard growth.
  26. Customary
    traditional; routine.

    Ant: unusual; strange; odd.

    ex.  It is customary to eat turkey at Thanksgiving.
  27. Renovate
    Fix up; Make improvements.

    Ant: destroy, damage.

    ex.  With the money I will renovate my home.
  28. Indignant
    Feeling or showing anger from because of something that is unfair or wrong.

    Ant: Pleased, delighted, overjoyed, elated.

    ex.  The indignant workers went on strike.
  29. Barren
    Without; empty; infertile.

    ant: Fertile.

    ex. The drought made the land barren; but after the rain, it became fertile again.
  30. Truce
    armistice; an agreement to stop fighting or arguing.

    ex.  After the long war they finally called a truce.
  31. Loom
    Hoover above; suddenly appear in a large or distorted form; to come up in future.

    • ex.  The clouds loomed above us.
    • ex.  Good things loom in her future.
  32. Insinuate
    Hint; suggest (usually something negative); say indirectly.

    ex.  He was trying to insinuate that I cheated.
  33. Poised
    ready; prepared.

    • ex.  She held her pencil poised over the paper.
    • ex.  Her hard training poised her for a win.
  34. Trickle
    to flow a little at a time; in small amounts.

    • ex. Tears trickled down her cheeks.
    • ex. The crowd trickled into the theater.

    ant: bombard; rush in.
  35. Miscellanelous
    various; diverse; cannot grouped into common categories

    ex. I have a drawer of miscellaneous items.
  36. Indulge
    to allow even though it may not be proper, healthy or appropriate.

    • ex.  She indulged herself with lots of candy.
    • ex.  The aromatic perfume indulged my senses.
  37. Alight
    attempt to touch down on the ground
  38. Foretaste

    ex. He got a small foretaste of the future.
  39. Germinate
    Sprout; grow.

    ex.  Give the seed time to germinate.
  40. Adjacent
    next to.

    ant: Remote

    ex: She sat adjacent to me on the bus.

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