Croatian: possessive pronouns with nouns

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  1. my house
    moja kuća
  2. my houses
    moje kuće
  3. my car
    moj automobil
  4. my cars
    moji automobili
  5. my country
    moja zemlja
  6. my countries
    moje zemlje
  7. my cafe
    moj kafić
  8. my cafes
    moji kafići
  9. my tree
    moje stablo
  10. my trees
    moja stabla
  11. your hand
    tvoja ruka
  12. your hands
    tvoje ruke
  13. your bed
    tvoj krevet
  14. your beds
    tvoji kreveti
  15. your pastry (sing of pastries)
    tvoje pecivo
  16. your pastries
    tvoja peciva
  17. your daughter
    tvoja kćerka
  18. your daughters
    tvoje kćerke
  19. your beer
    tvoje pivo
  20. your beers
    tvoja piva
  21. his leg
    njegova noga
  22. his legs
    njegove noge
  23. his computer
    njegov kompjutor
  24. his computers
    njegovi komputori
  25. his wine
    njegovo vino
  26. his wines
    njegova vina
  27. his sister
    njegova sestra
  28. his sisters
    njegove sestre
  29. his villiage
    njegovo selo
  30. his villiages
    njegova sela
  31. her female friend
    njezina prijateljica
  32. her female friends
    njezine prijateljice
  33. her cafe
    njezin kafić
  34. her cafes
    njezini kafići
  35. her wine
    njezino vino
  36. her wines
    njezina vina
  37. her grandma
    njezina baka
  38. her grandmas
    njezine bake
  39. her cinema
    njezino kino
  40. her cinemas
    njezina kina
  41. our bag
    naša torba
  42. our bags
    naše torbe
  43. our tram
    naš tramvaj
  44. our trams
    naši tramvaji
  45. our house
    naša kuća
  46. our houses
    naše kuće
  47. our parent
    naš roditelj
  48. our parents
    naši roditelji
  49. our pastry (singular of pastries)
    naše pecivo
  50. our pastries
    naša peciva
  51. youses painting
    vaša slika
  52. youses paintings
    vaše slike
  53. youses lake
    vaše jezero
  54. youses lakes
    vaša jezera
  55. youses female cousin
    vaša sestrična
  56. youses female cousins
    vaše sestrične
  57. youses male cousin
    vaš bratić
  58. youses male cousins
    vaši bratići
  59. youses field
    vaše polje
  60. youses fields
    vaša polja
  61. their street
    njihova ulica
  62. their streets
    njihove ulice
  63. their hill
    njihovo brdo
  64. their hills
    njihova brda
  65. their shop
    njihova trgovina
  66. their shops
    njihove trgovine
  67. their letter
    njihovo pismo
  68. their letters
    njihova pisma
  69. their theatre
    njihovo kazalište
  70. their theatres
    njihova kazališta

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Croatian: possessive pronouns with nouns
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croatian possessive pronouns nouns

croatian possessive pronouns with nouns
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