A Perfect Pet

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  1. Challenge
    A task that requires extra effort.

    Sentence:  Playing the piano is a challenge for me.
  2. Healthy
    well, not sick.

    Sentence:  To stay healthy, I get enough sleep.
  3. Satisfy
    To meet someone's needs of make them happy.

    Sentence: I hope that my performance will satisfy my piano teacher.
  4. Manage
    Able to do something even if it is not easy.

    Sentence:  I manage to complete all of my homework after school and my chores.
  5. Scratch
    • 1 - a cut or scrape from a sharp object.
    • 2 - to get rid of.

    • Sentence 1 - My cat scratched me with her nails.
    • Sentence 2 - I scratched the assignment off of our agenda because we ran out of time.
  6. Appetite
    A feeling of wanting to eat.

    Sentence:  When I wake up, I have a big appetite.
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