Science Vocabulary

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  1. Abiotic
    • The non-living physical features of the environment such as:
    • ~ Light
    • ~ Water
    • ~ Soil
    • ~ Temperature
  2. Erosion
    Processes by which rock, sand, and soil are broken down and carried away (i.e. weathering, glaciation).
  3. Estuary
    A body of water in which a fresh water from rivers opens into and mixes with salt water from the sea
  4. Flood Plain
    The wide flat border areas around rivers and streams which water will spill out onto during times of high flow.
  5. Habitat
    Natural area that provides food, water, shelter, and space for living organisms.
  6. Pollutants
    Harmful substances in the air, water, or soil.
  7. Ridgeline
    Areas of higher elevation that separate watersheds.
  8. River System
    A network of streams and rivers
  9. Run off
    Water that is NOT soaked up by the land when it rains and then travels to a river system.
  10. Tributary
    Small rivers, creeks, and streams that eventually lead to larger rivers.
  11. Watershed
    The land that water runoff flows across or through on its way to a stream, lake, or wetland.
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