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  1. basic human needs
    something essential to the health and survival of humans, common to all people
  2. blended family
    two single parent families joined together to form a new family unit
  3. community
    specific population or group of peole living in the same geographic area under similar regulations and having common values, interests, and needs
  4. extended family
    nuclear family and other related people
  5. family
    any group of two or more people who live together and are emotionally involved with each other.
  6. love and belonging needs
    understanding and acceptance of others in giving and receiving love
  7. nuclear family
    family unit, family of marriage, parenthood, or procreation, and their immediate children
  8. physiologic needs
    need for oxygen, food, water, temperature, elimination, sexuality, activity, and rest; these needs have the highest priority and are essential for survival.
  9. safety and security needs
    person's need to be protected from actual or potential harm and to have freedom from fear.
  10. self actualization needs
    highest level on the hierarchy of needs, which include the need for individuals to reach their full potential through development of their unique capabilities.
  11. self esteem needs
    need to feel good about oneself and to believe others hold one in high regard.
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