fund ch 41

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  1. body image
    how a person experiences his or her body
  2. depersonalization
    subjective experience of the partial or total disruption of one's ego and the disintegration and disorganization of one's self concept
  3. false self
    a sense of self that might develop in individuals who have the emotional need to respond to the needs and ambitions significant people, such as parents, have for them.
  4. global self
    term used to describe the composite of all the basic facts, qualities, traits, images, and feelings one holds about oneself.
  5. ideal self
    self a person would like to be or thinks he or she should be; includes aspirations, moral ideas, and values
  6. identity diffusion
    failure to integrate various childhood identifications into a harmonious adult psychological identity.
  7. personal identity
    an individual's conscious sense of who he or she is.
  8. role performance
    ability to successfully execute societal expectations regarding role specific behaviors.
  9. self actualization
    reaching of one's potential through full development of one's unique capabilities.
  10. self concept
    mental image or picture of self; includes body image, subjective self, ideal self, and social self.
  11. self esteem
    person's perception of his or her total being, including self worth and body image
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