fund ch 18 terms

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  1. accommodation
    • ability to adjust the eye to see at various distances
    • 2. process by which intellectual acts are changed to handle increasingly complex information
  2. assimilation
    process by which a person interprets information to fit the current level of cognition
  3. cognitive development
    learning that occurs as a result of the internal organization of an event, which forms a mental schema (plan) and serves as a base for further schemata as one grows and develops (piaget's theory of cognitive development)
  4. development
    increase in the complexity of function and progression to skill advancement
  5. developmental task
    successful achievement of psychomotor, psychosocial, or cognitive skills at certain periods in life; failure to obatin the developmental task can lead to unhappiness and difficulty with later tasks.
  6. faith
    spiritual dimensions of a person's life regardless of religious affiliation; 2. confident belief in something for which there is no proof or material evidence.
  7. genomics
    the study of the structure and interactions of all genes in the human body, including their interactions with each other as well as the envoronment
  8. growth
    an increase in body size or changes in body cell structure, function, and complexity
  9. moral development
    influence of cultural effects on one's perceptions of justice in interpersonal relationships.
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