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  1. What two movements occur at elbow joint?
    flexion and extension
  2. muscles of the arm are divided into 2 groups, which are they?
    -anterior flexors

    -posterior extensors
  3. where do the anterior flexors cross the axis?
    anterior side
  4. where do posterior extensors cross the axis?
    on posterior side
  5. which are the 3 anterior arm muscles?
    -biceps brachii


  6. anterior arm) how many heads does the biceps brachii have and what are they called?
    2; long and short
  7. anterior arm) biceps brachii- Which head is the most lateral?
    long head
  8. anterior arm) biceps brachii- do both heads have same origins and insertions?
    no, different origins and common insertions
  9. anterior arm) biceps brachii- what is the origin of small head?
    coracoid process
  10. anterior arm) biceps brachii- what is the origin of the long head?
    • supraglenoid tubercle
    • *just above the glenoid cavity
  11. anterior arm) where is the insertion for long and short head of biceps brachii?
    • radial tuberosity
    • *they both unite there via aponeurosis
  12. anterior arm) biceps brachii- what are both of these heads innervated by?
    • muscolocutaneous nerve
    • *nerve of brachial plexus
  13. anterior arm) biceps brachii- action? (2)
    -involved with flexion of elbow joint

    -supination of forearm
  14. anterior arm) which are the primary supinators against resistance?
    biceps brachii
  15. anterior arm) biceps brachii- tendon description of long head
    rounded cordlike tendon
  16. anterior arm) biceps brachii- tendon description of short head
    flattened tendon attached to coracoid process
  17. anterior arm) biceps brachii- what holds the long head in place?
    transverse humeral ligament
  18. anterior arm) biceps brachii- does the long head have mobility at the shoulder?
    yes, it crosses the shoulder joint
  19. anterior arm) brachialis- origin
    lower half of the humerus, around the insertion of the deltoid
  20. anterior arm) brachialis-insertion?
    coranoid process of the ulna
  21. anterior arm) brachialis- innervated?
    muscolocutaneous nerve
  22. anterior arm) what is the brachialis primarily responsible for?
    maintaning flexion
  23. anterior arm) is the brachialis deep or superficial to the biceps brachii?
  24. anterior arm) what is the brachialis important for?
    slow movement
  25. anterior arm) what 2 positions can brachialis flex the forearm?
    supination and pronation
  26. anterior arm) brachioradialis- origin?
    distal end of the humerus on the lateral supercondyle ridge
  27. anterior arm) brachioradialis- inserts?
    styloid process of the radius
  28. anterior arm) brachioradialis- innervated?
    radial nerve from brachial plexus
  29. anterior arm) brachioradialis- action?
    flexes forearms especially in rapid motion
  30. anterior arm) brachioradialis- what is this used for?
    quick flexion of forearm
  31. 2 common characteristics that apple to the msucles of teh anterior compartment of the arm
    -flexors of the forearm

    • -innervated by the musculotaneous nerve
    • *(except brachioradialis- radial nerve)
  32. what are the 2 posterior msucles of forearm?
    -triceps brachii

  33. how many heads does triceps have?
  34. posterior arm) which head of teh triceps brachii crosses the shoulder joint?
    long head
  35. posterior arm) where is the medial head of triceps brachii located?
    deep to long and lateral heads
  36. posterior arm)triceps brachii- origins of the long head
    infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
  37. posterior arm) triceps brachii- origins of the lateral head
    posterior side of the humerus above the radial groove
  38. posterior arm) triceps brachii- origins of medial head?
    posterior side of humerus below the radial groove
  39. posterior arm) triceps brachii- where do all 3 heads insert?
    olecranon process opf ulna
  40. posterior arm) triceps brachii- what are all 3 heads innervated by?
    • radial nerve
    • *brachial plexus
  41. posterior arm) triceps brachii- what separates the long and lateral head?
    radial groove
  42. posterior arm) triceps brachii- main action
    primary extensor of the forearm
  43. posterior arm) triceps brachii-what other action does the long head do?
    adducts the arm
  44. what 3 muscles makes up the triangle space
    -teres minor

    -teres major

    -long head
  45. what 4 muscles make up the quadrangular space
    -teres minor

    -teresĀ  major

    -long head

    -lateral head
  46. what nerve can be seen in the quadrangular space?
    axillary nerve
  47. what 3 muscles make uup the triangular interval?
    -teres major

    -long head triceps

    -lateral head triceps
  48. what nerve can be seen on triangular interval?
    radial nerve
  49. posterior arm) anconeus- origin
    lateral epicondyle of humerus
  50. posterior arm) anconeus- insertion
    • olecranon process of ulna
    • *a little distal to the insertion of triceps
  51. posterior arm) anconeus- innervated?
    radial nerve
  52. posterior arm) anconeus- action?
    • assists in extension
    • *sometimes called 4th head of triceps
  53. posterior arm) anconeus- can it be easily be seen?
    no, deep layer of fassa covers it
  54. 2 main characteristics of the muscle of teh posterior compartment of the arm?
    -extensors of the forearm

    -innervated by the radial nerve
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