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  1. Music
    Humanly Organized sound and the practices of making it.
  2. Call and Response (anitphony)
    like a dog fight the singer says something and the people respond.
  3. irhal
    "Leave" Ramy Essan created this song (Arabic language) wants Hosni Mubarak to step down
  4. Egyptian revolution
    Central of Tahrir Square also in Cairo 2011, poor economy, abusive state security and wanted Hosni Mubarak to step down from office
  5. Heigtened Speech
    Changing the tone (Martin Luther King Jr.) Emphasizing words
  6. Ethnomusicology
    the study of people making music in context
  7. Soundscape
    the characteristic sounds of a particular place
  8. Genre
    Categories of music within a repertoire
  9. Style
    Conventions of using musical elements
  10. Context
    include Aesthetics and meaning setting of an event
  11. Aesthetics
    What made something beautiful according to the place
  12. Transmission
    Passing music from one to the next person
  13. Identity
    The music that is unique in your own type of way signifying each group differently
  14. Repertoire
    Stocks of music ready to be performed
  15. Transcending Boundaries
    crossing boarders of other topics ex. one music sounds like another (going over their boundary)
  16. Globalization
    the intensification of global interconnectedness
  17. Authenticity
    Where the original melody... etc. came from
  18. Appropriation
    Having someone taking someone else's idea without crediting them
  19. Schizophonic Mimesis
    to do something the same as an original sound heard but slightly different
  20. ekimi
    "quiet" quiet gives good fortune to the forest people
  21. rhythm
    time element in music
  22. mode
    set of pitches and the relations between them
  23. meter
    organization of pulses into longer units
  24. texture
    relationship of simultaneously sounding musical parts
  25. tempo
    speed of a piece of music
  26. dynamics
  27. timbre
    tone quality like a piano and guitar hitting the same note but having a different sound
  28. melody
    succession of pitches and rhythms
  29. form
    structural arrangement or organization of a musical selection
  30. pitch
    the relative quality of highness or lowness of a sound
  31. Monophone
    one single melody
  32. Heterophone
    two or more versions
  33. Homophone
    single melody with accompaniment
  34. Polyphone
    music with multiple melodic parts played together
  35. Organology
    classification of musical instruments
  36. Improvisation
    Spontaneous creation of musical ideas
  37. drone
    note or chord heard throughout piece
  38. hindi
    language spoken in India
  39. Caste System
    people based on levels and can't move up usually
  40. Hinduism
    deeds or karma determine position reincarnation
  41. Islam
    No built in hierarchy
  42. Monotheisitc
    One god
  43. brahmin
    supreme self (priests)
  44. Mughal empire
    muslim empire of India
  45. partition
    country being divided into parts
  46. ghandi
    nonviolent protest for Indian's independence
  47. North India classical music
    Sitar, ancient hindu
  48. gharana
    slow training takes years (transmission of a raga)
  49. guru
    teacher in hindi
  50. shishya
    student in hindi
  51. sitar
    instrument like a guitar with movable frets
  52. sympathetic strings
    exact tone of other not to be herd
  53. bansuri
    a flute blown on top
  54. sarod
    related to afghan rubab no frets metallic neck
  55. tampura
    Drone instrument
  56. tabla
    drum with skin heads
  57. raga
    a musical piece that slowly grows and tempo speeds up
  58. tala
    rhythmic system also meter
  59. bol
    syllables for tabla sounds
  60. bayan
    left drum of the tabla set
  61. tintal
    rhythmic system widely used
  62. theka
    basic percussion pattern
  63. tihai
    three fold pattern that lands on beat one sam "sum"
  64. alap
    slow non metric without percussion progressively gets faster
  65. jor
    a pulse in the music
  66. jhala
    using the drone strings to create a rhythm
  67. gat
    a short tune with improvisation, tabla player, ending with jhala
  68. barhat
    slow growing musical concert in a raga
  69. pitch hierarchy
    the mode in which a set of notes are in and more favorable to the culture
  70. yaman
    classical rag
  71. karnatak music
    southern India
  72. bollywood film
    musicals, themes of love, and moralistic
  73. Ramayma
    Hindu epic relationships between families
  74. playback singer
    voice is doubled over actor during singing parts
  75. dhol
    sticks on both sides of the drum
  76. Vocables
    sounds made in a song no actual meaning
  77. tumbling strains
    starting at a higher pitch then go low (downward swoop)
  78. Collecting
    want to preserve the native american music by having them being recorded
  79. bureau of american ethnology
    preserving the native american music
  80. tail
    coda bringing a piece to an end quickley
  81. form
    the sound of the song giving it a unique quality
  82. falsetto
    having a different pitch then a normal one ex. male singing high notes
  83. lullaby
    repetition of a song to make a baby go to sleep
  84. bureau of indian affairs
    relocated the native americans to poor conditions
  85. wild west show
    made fun of native americans but revived them
  86. drum
    Used in competitions
  87. Hozhoo
    beauty and balance
  88. Enemyway Ceremony
    Cures diseases bought on by outsiders who have died. people dying around you
  89. Ndaa
    war dancing song
  90. Native american church
    religion was firmly established developing different perspectives and music
  91. water drum
    a drum with animal skin and can be easily removed to put water in it
  92. intertribal powwow
    throughout america native americans compete their traditional songs
  93. peyote
    cactus that create hallucinogens
  94. frybread
    a type of food
  95. reservation
    native americans being relocated to be preserved and to be able to govern in their own way
  96. navajo nation
    forced to walk from arizona to new mexico large tribe
  97. Jiangnan sizhu
    silk and bamboo music instrument used to be made of bamboo and strings were silk
  98. heterophony
    having a basic melody but played differently depending on the player
  99. amateur
    a person that is learning, music craftsmen
  100. erhu
    a string instrument like a violin but only has two strings
  101. fretless
    not having any guide as to where specific notes are
  102. silk road
    the trade route from china to europe where mostly silk was traded
  103. pipa
    4 stringed instrument using finger picks and it is fretted
  104. yangqin
    hammered dulcimer
  105. dizi
    an aerophone side blown flute made of bamboo
  106. sheng
    mouth organ
  107. jingju
    bangu drum player conductor, conducts by sound
  108. bangu
    drums used in the chinese orchestra
  109. characters
    learning a specific role in a play
  110. regional music
    building block of music, music of the people backward music, unsophisticated music
  111. guoyue
    music of the nation changing the meaning a few times creating boundaries collective identity
  112. maozedong
    leader of the people's republic of china
  113. proletariat
    the laboring class
  114. minzo yinyue
    people's music
  115. chinese orchestra
    instruments were added separated into sections
  116. cultural revolution
    going into communism and transcending boundaries
  117. South style dizi
    lyrical, slow
  118. North style dizi
    virtuosic, fast tongue ornaments
  119. solo repertoire
    group pieces as solos new accompaniments
  120. Taiwan
    Jay Chou bringing pop to china he was born in taiwan
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