CH3 - hay, estar

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  1. hay means? When to use hay?
    We use hay to talk about the existence of things, places, and services
  2. when to use estar?
    we use estar to indicate where things are located
  3. Another word to use for hay?
  4. Is there a pool at the camp?
    No, there is no pool.
    Hay piscina en el campamento?

    No, no tiene
  5. Does the camp have a pool?

    No, it doesn't
    El campamento tiene piscina?

    No, no tiene.
  6. When do you use a plural noun with hay?
    When you expect there to be more than one.
  7. Are there laundromats in this neighborhood?

    No, there aren't any in this neighborhood.
    Hay lavanderias en esta barrio?

    No, en este barrio no hay
  8. Does caracas have good hospitals?

    Yes, many
    Caracas tiene buenos hospitales?

    Si, varios
  9. If you are trying to locate something...
    Use the indefinite article (un/una)

    ?Hay una farmacia cerca de aqui?
  10. Estar.  When do we use estar?
    We use estar to indicate where things are LOCATED.  Está is singular and están is plural.

    • El restaurante está en la avenida Libertador.

    • PLURAL
    • Los museos están al lado del parque Los Caobos.
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