single chamber pacing

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  1. SSIR
    single chamber
  2. smallest single chamber pacemaker
    microny by St. Jude

    great for small children
  3. Pacing without sensing
    • Asynchronous Pacing
    • VOO
  4. Pacemakers can only do two things?
    • pace
    • sense
  5. When is a person pacemaker dependent?
    When the escape rhythm is less than 40 bpm
  6. R wave height
    amplitude of inhernit cardic signal
  7. Bandpass Filter
    fiters out noise
  8. EGM
    intra cardiac electrogram
  9. Wenckebach Test
    • Used to determine is person is at risk for developing AV Block
    • Increase rate of RA and if Wenckeback occurs at under 100 beats per minute than high rish
  10. Different names for base rate
    • pacing rate
    • basic rate
    • lower rate limit
    • programmed rate
  11. A single chamber pacemaker base rate is typically?
    70 bpm
  12. A dual chamber pacemakers base rate is usually ?
    60 bpm
  13. 50 bpm=
  14. 60 bmp=
  15. 70bmp =
  16. 90 bpm
  17. 100 bpm
  18. 120bpm=
    500 ms
  19. 150 bpm=
  20. Fusion
    occurs when heart has already started to depolarize but pacemaker plays some part

    timing issue
  21. pseudofusion
    pacemaker pulse fall into refactory tissue....basically comes after qrs has started...

    going to show normal qrs with pacing spike
  22. How would you fix fusion/pesudofusion
    • first increase the rate to insure capturing and then
    • lower programed rate (base rate) to give more time for the intrinisitc rate
  23. What is the typical VRP?
    250 ms
  24. What is the purpose of the ventricular refactory period
    prevent sensing of the T wave
  25. When would you increase the VRP?
    if someone has long QT syndrome
  26. Pacing interval is made up of what?
    refractory period & alert period
  27. Rate Hysteresis
    Programable feature in which you can set the sense beat longer the the pace beat to encourage intrinic beats
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