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  1. Priority nursing diagnosis for oncology
  2. Side effect of radiation
  3. Viscous licodaine
    don’t use-may depress gag reflex increasing risk for aspiration
  4. Shift to the left
    increased bands and neutrophils
  5. Myelosuppression
    decreased production of cells
  6. Cushing’s triad
    HTN, bradycardia, irregular respirations
  7. Brain tumor symptom
    headache, vomiting, irritability, nausea, high pitched cry, seizures
  8. Nursing care for brain tumor
    vitals, measure head circumference, chemo, bone marrow transplant
  9. Nursing DX for brain tumor
    risk for fluid volume deficit related to vomiting, impaired comfort, imbalanced nutrition
  10. Hodgkins lumphoma
    primarily involved the lymph nodes, metastasizes to nonnodal sites
  11. Hodgkins nursing dx
    fear related to diagnostic tests, dear related to diagnosis and prognosis
  12. Wilm’s tumor nursing care
    pre-post op education, don’t palpate tumor; post op monitor GI activity, urinary output, signs of infection, respiratory; treatment is usually within 48 hours after diagnosis
  13. Wilm’s nursing DX
    altered family processes, fear
  14. Child with infratentorial procedure
    positioned on either side with bed flat
  15. Child with supratentorial procedure
    HOB elevated 20-30 degrees with kid on either side or on the back
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Peds oncology
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