Exploration Seismology Exam 1

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  1. Hookes Law
    Statement of linear relationship between stress and strain

    Applies to "elastic" region of materials


    C: "stiffness" of spring
  2. Shear Modulus (μ)
    Ratio of shear stress to shear strain

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    Units of pressure (Pa)
  3. Young's Modulus (E)
    Ratio of normal stress to normal strain

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    Units of pressure (Pa)
  4. Poison's Ratio (σ)
    Ratio of negative of transverse strain to longitudinal strain

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    no units
  5. Bulk Modulus (k)
    Ratio of pressure to change in volume (dilatation)

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  6. Lame's Constant (λ)
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  7. Shear Modulus of liquids
  8. Stress
    Force per area

    Units of pressure
  9. Strain
    Change in shape or dimension

    No units
  10. Example of low poison's ratio
  11. Example of high poison's ratio
    Lead cylinder
  12. Group Velocity
    Connect inside branches of Christmas tree image
  13. Phase Velocity
    Branches of Christmas tree
  14. Relationship of Amplitude and Radius
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  15. Relationship of Energy and Amplitude
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    (Directly Proportional)
  16. Isotropic
    All properties in a material are the same throughout
  17. Relationship of Energy and Radius
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  18. Sampling Theorem
    A signal can be competely reconstructed if it is sampled at least 2x per cyle

          If not, it appears to be a totally different signal (aliasing)
  19. Huygen's Principle
    Every point on a wavefront serves as a new source of waves
  20. Snell's Law
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  21. Slope of refracted arrival
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  22. Reflection Coefficient
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  23. Transmission Coefficient
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  24. Hyperbolic Travel Time Equation
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  25. Standard form for travel-time expression
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    Image Upload
  26. Slope of direct arival
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  27. Fermat's principle
    The first arrival of a wave will be from the path of least resistance
  28. Max S-wave velocity
    .7 of p-wave velocity
  29. 4 assumptions of boundary conditions (z equations)
    Continuity of Normal Displacement

    Continuity of Tangential Displacement

    Continuity of Normal Stress

    Continuity of Tangential Stress
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