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  1. Early signs of infection with myelongycle
    temperature, irritability and lethargy
  2. School age child with Duchenne’s
    lordosis, gower’s sign, waddling gait
  3. Which intervention with a kid with myelongycle
    sterile, moist gauze
  4. Common problem with newborns with myelongycle
    neurogenic bladder
  5. Problem with myelongycle
  6. Admit NICU nursery with myleongicle
    meninges, external sacklike protrusion
  7. Spastic CP
    hypertonicity with no control
  8. Surgical closure of ductus arteriorsis
    prevent return of O2 blood to lungs
  9. Increased pulmonary blood flow
    atrial septal defect
  10. Tetralogy of Fallot
    VSD, PS, overriding aorta, right hypertrophy
  11. Decreased pulmonary blood flow
    tetralogy of fallot
  12. Inability of heart to pump blood to systemic circulation
    heart failure
  13. Hold dig for 8 year old
  14. Common sign of dig toxicity
  15. Apical pulse of 6 month old
  16. Systemic venous congestion
    peripheral edema
  17. Discharge teaching for tetralogy of fallot
    decreased urine output, sweating, fatigue
  18. Manifestation as shock progresses
    cool extremities, confusion and somnolence, tachypnea and poor capillary refill
  19. What occurs with septic shock
    increased cardiac output
  20. GI melena
    upper GI
  21. Infant with dehydration
  22. Acute diarrhea toddler needs
    antibiotic therapy
  23. Parasite that causes acute diarrhea
  24. Most common cause of dehydrating diarrhea in young children
  25. First thing for kid with diarrhea
    oral rehydration
  26. Therapeutic severe dehydration
    IV fluids
  27. High fiber food
  28. 3 y/o with Hirsch with temporary colostomy
    necessary because of adjustment
  29. 4 mo old with GER without complications
    thicken formula with rice
  30. Clinical manifestations of appendicitis
    McBurney’s point
  31. In service Meckel
    mild or profuse bleeding
  32. Moderate to severe IBS
  33. Pepto bismol
    eradicate H Pylori
  34. Cleft lip
    sucking needs
  35. Cleft lip intervention
    remove restraints to cuddle
  36. Pyloric stenosis
  37. Lab for pyloric stenosis
    metabolic alkalosis
  38. Pyloric stenosis
    peristaltic wave, nonbilious vomiting
  39. Will child need another endoscopy for h pyloric?
    Stool sample
  40. Which interventions for TEF
    2 gastromy and 30 degrees
  41. Foods high in fiber
    whole grain bread, pancakes, carrots
  42. Oral care to kid with chemo
    lip balm, chlorhexidine, antifungal
  43. Hodgkins clinical manifestations
    enlarged firm, nontender lymph
  44. Severe stomatitis
    relax eating pressures
  45. Truncus arteriosis
    holosystolic murmur at left sternal murmur
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