Chap 1 Science - 5th grade

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  1. What must a valid scientific conclusion be based on?
    • Facts
    • Observations
  2. How many variable should be tested at one time during a scientific investigation?
  3. What is another word for HYPOTHESIS?
  4. In order to stay safe when performing science activities what should you do?
    1. Ask your teacher questions
  5. Would a scientist using scientific methods form an opinion?
    No, because opinions are different from other people's perspectives.
  6. What can you draw a conclusion from or make a prediction from?
    • DATA
    • observations, evidence
  7. What is a scientific conclusion based on?
    • observations
    • facts/data
  8. What must a scientific investigation (experiment) be able to be?
  9. Before you perform a scientific investigation, what are appropriate materials to reference before beginning the investigation?
    • information scientists agreed upon OR
    • reviewed and verified materials by other scientists
  10. What are examples of appropriate reference materials?
    • scientific journals
    • books
    • articles written by other scientists
    • "reliable" internet websites
  11. Why should scientists base their investigations on observations and data instead of opinions?
    Opinions are based on beliefs and can change from person to person, observations and data are the same no matter who performs the investigation.
  12. What does observation mean?
    something you find out about objects, events, or living things using your senses
  13. Hypothesis means
    statement of what you think will happen during an investigation
  14. Experiment
    the use of scientific methods to test a hypothesis
  15. Procedures
    step by step instructions for completing a task
  16. What does INFERENCE mean?
    a conclusion based on observations
  17. Evidence means
    observations that make you believe something is true
  18. What does ACCURACY mean?
    the ability to make a measurement that is as close to the actual value as possible
  19. What does VARIABLE mean
    something that can change in a test
  20. What does PRECISION mean
    the ability to consistently repeat a measurement
  21. What is DATA?
    information from which a conclusion can be drawn or a prediction can be made
  22. What is a Control Group?
    a standard against which change is measured
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