Review #6 Exam II material

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  1. What is the study of behavioral ecology?
    • - How animal behavior is controlled
    • - How behavior develops, evolves,, & contributes to survival & reproductive success
  2. What 4 questions are asked in the study of behavioral ecology?
    1. Causation: what is the mechanistic basis of the behavior,, including chemical,, anatomical & physiological mechanisms?

    2. Development: How does development of the animal,, from zygote to mature individual influence the behavior?

    3.  Function: How does the behavior contribute to survival and reproduction (fitness)?

    4. Evolution: What is the evolutionary history of the behavior?
  3. Contrast proximate and ultimate causes of behavior.
    • Proximate, or “how,” questions about behavior.
    • Focus on immediate stimulus & mechanism for behavior 
    • Includes: environmental stimuli and genetic, physiological & anatomical mechanisms

    • Ultimate, or “why,” questions about behavior - Focuses on evolutionary significance of a behavior
    • - Involves how behavior contributes to survival & reproduction
  4. Give examples of each for the following behaviors:
    1. fixed action pattern,
    2. imprinting.
    1. Fixed Action Pattern “unlearned behavior” Behavioral Rhythms.

    - behavior affected by daily circadian rhythm (rest & activity)

    Seasonal cues affect behavior (reproduction & migration due to Daylight/darkness or lunar cycle)
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