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  1. IPS stands for...
    Iron Pipe Size
  2. Plastic pipe is commonly used for ________ waste and ______ installations. Three common wall thickness are Schedule ____, _____,_____.
    A higher schedule rating indicates a greater wall thickness
    • Drainage
    • Vent
    • 10
    • 40
    • 80
  3. All Plastic pipe must be protected from this...?
    UV rays
  4. True or False: All plastic pipe is flammable and will omit toxic fumes?
  5. Good to Know: Many codes limit the burial depth because of soil load.
  6. Pipe and tubing are measured with their ID and OD. Ordered based on the ______Diameter.
  7. THE ID is used to determine the ____ requirements for specific types of piping.
  8. All PVC has a maximum temperature rating of ____ F
  9. PVC cannot be for  _____ distribution w/in the interior of a residence
  10. CPVC is flexible pipe used for ______ distribution.
  11. ABS is a _____ colored pipe and is not compatible with ______. It does however have the same
    • Black
    • PVC
    • Temperature Rating
  12. Polyetheylene pipe is used for ______ installations on the _______ of residential build.
    • water
    • inside
  13. This type of pipe  is commonly used for well pump installations because of its long lengths!
    Polyethylene Pipe.
  14. Pex Pipe is popular because of its...
    productive installation benefits
  15. This type of pip also referred to as soil pipe is often used in vertical DWV systems to silence water flow.
    Cast Iron Pipe
  16. The thinnest wall thickness for copper is? and what color code?
    • DWV (Yellow)
    • followed by:
    • M (Red)
    • L (Blue)
    • K (Green)
  17. This is a processs that coats steel pipe to minimize corrosion so it can be used to distribute potable water?
  18. This is a new product that is used in gas distribution. Hint it is wrapped in YELLOW jacket and flexible.
    CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tube)
  19. the 3 most common offsets used in plumbing are? Hint in Degrees?
    • 90
    • 45
    • 22-1/2
  20. 90 degree fitting is also known as a _____ fitting
    1/4 or quarter bend fitting
  21. 45 degree fitting also known as _____ fitting
    1/8 bend fitting
  22. This fitting design has one end that receives pipe and one end that is same connection type as pipe?
    Street fitting
  23. Two basic types of fittings?
    • Male
    • Female
  24. A male adapter is manufactured to IPS aka.
    Iron Pipe Size
  25. This connection is named because of its similarity to the shape of the letter "Y".
  26. Trade named for a three-sided fitting that creates a long radius 90 degree. Manufactured to eliminate having to create a single fitting by COMBining a wye and 45
  27. this type "TEE" must flow from horizontal to vertical and is used in drainage and vent systems.?
    Sanitary Tee
  28. code indicates where these must be located and is used to provide access into the piping system.
  29. this connects the toilet to the drainage system.?
    closet Flange
  30. This "p" look a like prevents harmful sewer gas from entering an occupied space.
  31. This valve is required to be in an accesible location so the homeowner can shut off water in case of emergency?
    Isolation Valves
  32. This type of valve is usually located between water and fixture connection. Think of toilet valve!!
  33. This type of oulet is intended to drain storage tanks?
    Boiler Drain
  34. This type of valve is to let out the pressure
    relief valve
  35. These types of valves are used for backflow prevention! Better keep it in CHECK
    Check Valve
  36. If 12 btu's are added to 3lbs of water, what will be the temperature rise?
    • The Temperature rise is =
    • #BTU         
    • Lbs Water

    =4 degree temperature rise.
  37. How much heat is needed to raise the temp of 80 gallons of water from 55 to 130?
    • 1) Weight of water is= 1gal=8.3lbs
    • 2)#BTU=(lbs of water)(temp change)
    • 3)#BTU=(80gal*8.3lbs/gal)(130-55)
    • 4)#BTU=49,000 BTUs
  38. This device routes colder water to the bottom of an water heater?
  39. The standard electric water heater is ____ volts and _____ watts
    • 240 Volt
    • 4500 Watts
  40. A ______ heats the water in an electric water heater
  41. This sacrificial stick helps promote a clean gunk free tank
    Anode Rod
  42. This extra tank is dictated by code so that as the hot water expands it has somewhere to be stored
    Expansion Tank
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