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  1. What is the Big Bang Theory?
    The dominant scientific theory about the origin of the Universe
  2. What is the approximate age of the Universe?
    13.7 billion years
  3. What does a cosmologic red shift imply?
    objects are moving   a w a y   from us
  4. Describe the concept of the expansion of space, and compare the velocities of expansion with distances of galaxies further away from us.
    • Further = Faster
    • the galaxy is moving away from us
  5. What is CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation)?
    The temperature or energy left over from the Big Bang
  6. What does the latest evidence imply about the fate of our universe?
    will probably expand forever
  7. About how much dark matter and dark energy make up our know universe?
    • dark matter = 25%
    • dark energy = 70%
  8. How fast does the light travel in miles per second?
    186,000 miles per second
  9. Who first proved that galaxies are located outside our own galaxy?
    Edwin Hubble
  10. What three galactic type make up the Hubble classification of galaxies?
    • Elliptical
    • Spiral
    • Irregular
  11. Where is the location of the older and younger stars in the typical spiral galaxies?
    • central old yellow stars
    • younger blue stars along spiral arms
  12. What is a cluster?
    A large, gravitational bound "structure" formed by a collection of hundreds to thousands of galaxies.
  13. What is an "Einstein cross" and what would cause this?
    A galactic phenomena of a single distant galaxy appearing to be multiple galaxies because of the frontal galaxy's gravity bending light.
  14. What makes up our largest structure in the universe?
    Empty Space
  15. What is a Nebula?
    Gas and dust collected in galaxies that can block visible starlight, and we can find this will all spiral
  16. What is important about simple amino acids being found in nebula or molecular clouds?
  17. How long does it take for our solar system to make one orbit around our galaxy?
    250 million years
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