Internal Foramina of Skull

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  1. Foramen Cecum
    Emissary veins to nasal cavity
  2. Olfactory foramina in cribriform plate
    Olfactory nerves [1]
  3. Optic canal
    Optic nerve [II]
  4. Superior orbital fissure
    • Oculomotor nerve [III]
    • Trochlear nerve [IV]
    • Ophthlamic division of Trigeminal Nerve [V1]
    • Abducent Nerve [VI]
    • Ophthalmic Veins
  5. Foramen rotundum
    Maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve [V2]
  6. Foramen Ovale
    • Mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve [V2]
    • Lesser petrosal nerve
  7. Foramen spinosum
    Middle meningeal artery
  8. Hiatus for the greater petrosal nerve
    Greater petrosal nerve
  9. Hiatus for the lesser petrosal nerve
    Lesser petrosal nerve
  10. Foramen magnum
    • beginning of spinal cord
    • vertebral arteries
    • spinal roots of accessory nerve
    • meninges
  11. Internal acoustic meatus
    • Facial nerve [VII]
    • Vistibulocochlear Nnerve [VIII]
    • Labyrinthine Artery
  12. Jugular foramen
    • Glossopharyngeal nerve [IX]
    • Vagus nerve [X]
    • Accessory nerve [XI]
    • Inferior petrosal sinus
    • Sigmoid Sinus (forms internal jugular vein)
  13. Hypoglossal Canal
    • Hypoglossal nerve [XII]
    • meningeal branch of the ascending pharyngeal artery
  14. Condylar Canal
    Emissary vein
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Internal Foramina of Skull
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Skull Foramina

All of the internal foramina of the skull and the structures passing through them
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